August 19, 2020 Latest News

  • The First Skin Conscious Sanitising Serum
  • The premium hand sanitiser with oils to neutralize the drying effect of alcohol with natural scents, leaving hands protected, hydrated and refreshed. Made in Bath Spa, England using only sustainable, ethical production and natural ingredients. A sanitising ‘tonic’ with care for skin – skn+tnc.
  • By Skn And Tnc
  • DegreeC Releases the C Point Handheld Anemometer
  • Degree Controls, Inc. (DegreeC) has launched the C Point anemometer this quarter, Q3 2020. The handheld °C Point airflow measurement instrument measures and displays air velocity and temperature simultaneously and is designed for face velocity and downflow testing of laboratory hoods and other high-performance applications.
  • By Degree Controls, Inc.