August 17, 2017 Latest News

  • Air90 Automotive launches exclusive store for 4X4 enthusiasts and off-roaders
  • Air90 Automotive, a premium reseller and fabricator of OEM replacement parts, outdoor gear and performance accessories for cars, motorcycles and 4x4s in India, today announced the grand opening of its Automotive Parts and Accessories Store featuring over 500 new 4X4 accessories from leading parts and accessories manufacturers for 4X4 enthusiasts and off-roaders.
  • By Prhub
  • Introducing "PALMZI" - The Gadget Revolutionizing Mobile Use
  • The lightweight Palmzi provides ergonomic support for mobile devices, letting you text, stream, work, read and game while helping you correct bad posture and avoid “text neck” -- a very real physical ailment caused by looking down at mobile devices for extended periods of time. Use the Palmzi just once and you'll never look at your device the same way again!
  • By Palmzi