August 06, 2014 Latest News

  • SBGA and Make-a-Wish Foundation Grant Six-Year-Olds Wish to Visit Hawaii
  • After a full week of sun and sand on the shores of Hawaii, Aryam and her family returned home filled with memories from the trip and gratitude to those who helped make Aryam's most heartfelt wish come true. Aryam's wish marks the 57th wish granted through the partnership between the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the SBGA.
  • By Sbga
  • Mr. Manoj Verma Appointed Global President & Director of NTL Lemnis
  • Mr. Manoj Verma, a seasoned professional with 32 years of rich experience with global leaders and MNCs, has taken over as the Gobal President & Director, NTL Lemnis. Mr. Manoj Verma relinquished the post of CEO of Orient Electricals, a C K Birla group company, Delhi to take charge of the position. He will join the Board of Directors at NTL Lemnis and shall also be a member of the Advisory Board of NTL Electronics, the parent company.
  • By Finessepr
  • New Uses for Glow Technology in the Fishing Industry
  • Lunabrite, the leader in glow technology, has uncovered new uses for glow in the dark during fishing expeditions. Lunabrite offers products such as LunaGel Sheets, glow in the dark ribbon and rope that can be attached to fishing equipment for multiple uses.
  • By Lunabrite Inc
  • Vaccine World China 2014
  • The ONLY Vaccine Development and Manufacturing focused gathering in China! Vaccine World Summit is one of the most sought after vaccine industrial gathering for developing country manufacturers, which happens every year in India, China, Korea and Turkey.
  • By Imapac