August 05, 2010 Latest News

  • Mamma's Web Search Engine Adds Twitter Tool
  • is a popular meta-search engine that is owned by Empresario Inc, a Tech Media Investor and business partner to leading technology & media companies on the web. Visit
  • By Mamma
  • Xceed Develops Corporate Sustainability Programs
  • Corporations of all sizes are focusing on the issue of corporate social responsibility with a new lens that involves a more holistic view of the impact of stakeholder engagements in the course of business, on the society and the environment.
  • By Xceed
  • ORGVITALITY, LLC Certified As A Top 20% Performer
  • OV announces that it has been officially certified by Open Ratings, a division of Dun & Bradstreet as a top 20% performer in its field. Open Ratings classifies organizations based upon customer feedback into quintiles and the top 20% rating is the highest rating possible to achieve. Ratings include dimensions of cost, reliability, quality, and responsiveness among others.
  • By Orgvitality
  • Taipan Publishing Group Welcomes Jared Levy To Editorial Team
  • Taipan Publishing Group, a leading financial research publishing service, is excited to welcome options trading and investing expert Jared Levy to its editorial team. Jared will serve as co-editor to Smart Investing Daily, a free e-letter dedicated to guiding investors through the world of finance in order to make smart investing decisions.
  • By Taipan Publishing Group
  • Utah Triathlete Setting Records For A Cause
  • James Lawrence, a 34-year-old Utah man, is racing in a world record number of 70.3 mile Half Ironman events, with the goal to raise both awareness of the drought situation in Eastern Kenya, and funds to build water retention systems to combat that issue.
  • By In Our Own Quiet Way
  • DocuSource Partners With Ricoh
  • DocuSource of NC, LLC a marketing services provider for printing and communication materials and web store fronts, announces today its partnership with Ricoh and IKON.
  • By Articulon