Prolor's Survey Validates The Latent Of Human Growth Hormone

Top Quote As per recent study, human growth hormone has associated to Prolor's carboxyl terminal peptide (CTP) technology which has significantly increased bioactivity compared with the commercially available version of the human growth hormone. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) August 05, 2010 - Heard about human growth hormone? Yes, it's the same which is responsible for stimulating your growth during the different phases of your life and providing strengths too.

    Human growth hormone or in the language of medical sciences, Somatrophin is basically a protein with 191 amino acids and is usually found in children and young adults at its peak.

    A human body produces HGH to catalyze the growth graph when in infancy period and to maintain organs and tissues of the body for the entire life.

    It's the pea-sized matter in our brain known as the pituitary gland produces the maximum HGH.

    However, the respective gland slows down the production of the hormone when an individual reaches an age of around 40 or so.

    Given its content of 191 amino acids clubbed together, the HGH is the largest hormone produced by the largest pituitary gland in the entire human body in their life span.

    The secretion of this hormone increases and reaches its zenith in the adolescence days of people.

    Nevertheless, its good to note that the hormone gives proper platform for the body to grow in its fervor but the activity does not reduces after the young days and even during the period of deep sleep, sometimes it's produced in small to large numbers.

    You should thank the hormone whenever you feel in the pink of health and youth as it has been rightly said as the fountain of the young days.

    Adding another dimension to the fruitful effects of the hormone is that the same has been recognized as far as its potential is confirmed claims a new study.

    The recent study shows that human growth hormone linked to Prolor's carboxyl terminal peptide (CTP) technology has significantly increased bioactivity compared with the commercially available version of the human growth hormone.

    Prolor Biotech INC is the company responsible for such a revelation. The company is engaged with developing proteins for therapeutic uses, exclaimed about the study in its online edition of 'Endocrinology'.

    "Therapeutic proteins are increasingly important treatments for a variety of diseases, and we believe the demonstrated ability of CTP technology to reduce the frequency of required injections could provide important benefits to the many patients who depend on these drugs. We look forward to completing the ongoing Phase II trial of hgh-CTP and anticipate initiating Phase III studies during 2011."

    "The publication of this study in "Endocrinology,." considered to be one of the most authoritative biomedical research journals in the world, further validates the growing body of clinical and preclinical data supporting the ability of CTP technology to significantly extend the half-life and duration of action of therapeutic proteins,"

    Prolor's chief scientific officer and lead author of the study Dr. Faud Fares was quoted as saying about everything connected to the recognized potential of the human growth hormone.

    Since, HGH is known for various functions like tissue repairs, healing, growth rate, physical and mental strength, energy and metabolism, its durability and viability regarding the same is set to rise with immediate effects of this study all across.
    Last but not least, the usage of the HGH hormone in regaining the overall frame of the body has been also recognized and already so many people eager to look and feel healthier and fuller are taking the gifted advantages of the same and many more shall follow suit!

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