July 28, 2018 Latest News

  • sparkle★minds announce partnership with Studio LegalePandolfini
  • India Headquartered International Franchise Consulting Firm, sparkle★minds, announces another international strategic partnership with Italy based, Studio LegalePandolfini. This partnership will help sparkle★minds and Studio LegalePandolfini to service their domestic clients with International franchise expansion into their respective countries.
  • By Sparkleminds
  • A Poetry made from 69 Songtitles of Michael Jackson
  • The King of Pop has gone, but his fans around the world has not forgot him. There are fan clubs organizing meet & greets with other fans, sharing their merchandise or story‘s. Other‘s trying hard on dance contests to win and some of those are singing in bands. But even on poetry slams you can hear the name of King, but it‘s hard to find a MJ poetry. here is one man, who done it with 69 song title
  • By Propz City Media