July 17, 2020 Latest News

  • Senpex Collaborates with Restaurant Depot for Deliveries in Bay Area
  • It is much easier for restaurants to knock the doors of customers! Thinking how? Well, it's Senpex who is partnering with renowned restaurants for delivery services. Whatever you order, they will deliver at your place. What else they are doing for their customers? Read this post and know what their managers stated in a conference.
  • By Senpex
  • A first board of advisors for Star5
  • Star5 announces the creation of its first board member that will include executives of leading companies in FMCG sector. This board will enable Star5 to fulfull its ambition to reinforce its leadership.
  • By Star5
  • Pokieslab and Aristocrat Partner to Launch New Pokies in Australia
  • A very profitable partnership between Pokieslab and Aristocrat for launching new pokies in Australia will easily lead to successful results that both within companies and in the country itself, and can also significantly affect the gaming industry and competition in it. First of all, the focus will be on launching the most successful and popular pokies.
  • By Pokieslab