MADRE Healthcare Awareness to Launch Senior Healthcare Services within Kolkata

Top Quote When the elders are free from pain, and aware of how to keep themselves healthy, it becomes easy for them to stay fit and stay independent. This also helps them to live gracefully and emotionally secure. They can take care of their daily chores. Money isn’t a constraint, for the health checkup packages as mostly they are covered by insurances, and are not very expensive too. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 17, 2020 - Health check up are the preventive ways that can help to hold off lots of diseases. The health check up after a certain time period can help one to know the possibility of the onset of medical conditions.

    These check up tell the smallest chance of developing any disease. In adults, who have crossed the sixties, the process of aging takes a toll on their health. The nutrition they get become minimized, and they face lots of issues as compared with young people. So, it is quite evident that one needs more attention and regular health checkup should be a part of their life. The frequency and the nature of tests can vary based on the patient’s age, health, and lifestyle.

    A large number of senior citizens still live with their family and their care is jointly undertaken by family members. However, in today’s situation there are cases when most family members work and are unable to give proper attention and care to their ailing seniors and as such seek for reliable and efficient elder care programs.

    Common Tests for the seniors

    Risk factor management is what senior health checkup are all about. A series of tests can be carried out, and these help the seniors to be wary of what is in store for them. Here are the tests that should be done for the seniors:
    • Blood pressure check: Checking for the elevated blood pressure is crucial at this age as it can lead to various other diseases. Blood pressure problems are silent killers and can show up only till it is late to treat. Checking for blood pressure twice a year is mandatory. If the patient is suffering from BP, then regular monitoring is necessary.
    • Blood lipids test: Cholesterol and triglycerides are directly associated with the heart diseases and stroke. Getting to know about them will help you do a significant and healthy change in diet and lifestyle.

    MADRE Senior Citizen Check up

    A basic health check specially designed for detecting problems associated with old age.
    Overnight fasting is required.

    Recommended For :Senior citizens prone to developing ailments associated with old age.
    Age Group (Recommended) :
    60 years & above

    Frequency :
    Once in a year or as advised by Doctor
    Haemogram :
    • Hemoglobin
    • Packed Cell Volume
    • RBC Count
    • Total WBC
    • Differential Count
    • Platelet Count
    • MCV
    • MCH
    • MCHC
    • ESR
    • Peripheral Smear (if CBC findings are abnormal)
    Blood Sugar :
    • Fasting Blood Sugar
    Renal Profile :
    • Urea
    • Creatinine
    • Uric Acid
    Lipid Profile :
    • Total Cholesterol
    • HDL Cholesterol
    • LDL Cholesterol
    • Triglycerides
    • HDL Ratio
    General Tests :
    • Urine Routine Analysis
    • Serum Creatinine
    • ECG (Resting)
    • X-Ray Chest (PA view)

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