July 12, 2017 Latest News

  • Luxury watch auction Timepeaks supports 16 languages
  • Leatherball, Inc.(Tokyo Japan) increased numbers of support languages from 11 to 16 for luxury preowned watch auction Timepeaks( https://timepeaks.com ), Leatherball owns, Timepeaks( https://timepeaks.com ), the auction site in which the worldwide users can buy their second hand luxury watches.
  • By Leatherball, Inc.
  • Digital Age Writing Blog Debuts - Don't Get Left in Mesopotamia
  • Since the advent of the Internet and social media, language and writing has seen dramatic change. This is true for both professional writing and social writing. “Language and writing are not static,” explains author, blogger, and freelance writer, Kimberly Blaker. “What's more, they will likely continue to change at an increasing rate keeping pace with technology and the rest of our world.”
  • By Kimberly Blaker, Freelance Writer
  • Why are investors so confident about Punch Animation and why most will go "ALL IN"
  • As Punch Animation, Inc. (OTCMKTS: URBT) begins its turn-around investors are already going "ALL-IN". From Urban Television to Punch Animation, URBT just might be what investors The broadcast company known to produce high-quality television programs and film is now packing a PUNCH by expanding its brand to focus more on animation. Punch Animation (OTCMKTS: URBT) will be front lined by criti
  • By Punch Tv Studios