July 03, 2011 Latest News

  • Via.com Launches Via Buses
  • Via.com (formerly Flight Raja) being the leader in the domestic travel arena is pleased to add Via Buses to their Cart. Via networks with 50,000 partners across 1700 cities. The partnered network sells Via's innovative and value-for-money travel products and services every day to their customers.
  • By Via.com
  • Labour Works 6.0 Launched By Scrum System Pvt Ltd
  • Labourworks helps organizations in implementing Security norms that help create a Safe & Secured work environment. It is a proven solution used by many leading institutions. With a special plugin, Labourworks can be implemented effectively in different verticals like Hotels, International Schools, Retail Chains, Construction Companies, Defense Organizations, Ports, Airports, Events etc.
  • By Scrum System Pvt Ltd
  • New Book Reveals Inside Story Of London Pirate Radio Station KISS FM
  • The inside story behind the success of KISS FM, the former London pirate radio station, is revealed for the first time by Grant Goddard in his new book 'KISS FM: From Radical Radio To Big Business' published 1 July 2011 by Radio Books. The subtitle of the book is 'The Inside Story Of A London Pirate Radio Station's Path To Success.'
  • By Radio Books