June 17, 2021 Latest News

  • Product search engines: Marketing channels proven to help gain new customers
  • UK e-commerce is a thriving market. E-commerce accounts for one-third of all retail purchases in the UK, and everyone knows that having a perfected online presence is an absolute necessity. However, because of the seemingly never-ending competition and high expectations of UK consumers, it is not easy for everyone to gain traction & stand out.
  • By Favi
  • Story of Bangladeshi Freelancer & Entrepreneur Rumel Ahmed, CEO FindBD
  • Rumel Ahmed, Well known as (Raj Rumel) on social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter etc. He is a most popular Freelancer & a consultant of Freelancing Career in Bangladesh. Moreover, He is the Founder & CEO of a popular software development company and IT based training institute named FindBD Solution & Institute. Rumel Ahmed is a rising star of the country & a
  • By Pammi Multimedia
  • Work or Play, Fast River Freight Extends Full Support
  • Trust Fast River Freight, a company that excels in carrying Yukon River Freight to its final destination without much ado. Sure, you can speed up the process by employing helicopters and cargo hauling airplanes but reaching a remote campsite with the essentials does not necessitate such an expense.
  • By Fast River Freight
  • Thought Leadership Marketing 2021
  • This free webinar will be the best learning opportunity for all the business owners and marketing specialists looking to establish their business as thought leaders and expand exponentially in this digital space.
  • By Propel Guru
  • Voxvalley Empowering Startups with Free Startup Kits
  • Since Voxvalley has been expanded from a single individual to around 200 employees, we know how important communications are for the companies (especially startups). So, with startup kits, we give you the power to ease your communication channels and be a single shop to serve all your communication needs and thus help focus on your core functions.
  • By Voxvalley Technologies Inc
  • Lighthouse Canton establishes Venture Capital & Private Equity capability
  • Lighthouse Canton, a Singapore headquartered wealth and asset management firm will offer Venture Capital and Private Equity (“VC/PE”) services alongside its existing financial solutions. Looks to deliver origination, book building, portfolio management, and reporting services to both existing and new clients. Firm to set up a Lighthouse Canton and employee venture capital fund
  • By Lighthouse Canton
  • Unprecedented Carbon Fiber Airshaft redefines manufacturing
  • Carbon Fiber is one of the polymers. It’s five times stronger than steel and twice solid. Being a very strong and light material, it’s ideal for building a wide range of structures, including Carbon Fiber Air Shaft. Owing to the unmatched properties of the product, it’s one of the most sought-after materials by engineers and designers!
  • By Arvind Rub-web Controls Ltd