May 18, 2016 Latest News

  • Introduction Of WordPress Sauron Theme
  • Web-Dorado - the company behind major WordPress themes and plugins has announced the re-launched theme with new additions and completely fresh layout that has recently been added to theme directory.
  • By Webdorado
  • Cympl's innovative game Krishna Run now in association with Baal Krishna
  • Spear-headed by young and dynamic leaders, Cympl has always been a promising enterprising, entertainment company that wishes to enthrall its users with endless fun and challenges, packed with entertainment. With this association the reach of their fabulous game Krishna will now be with a larger audience.
  • By Cympl
  • PSI Research host annual networking meeting 2016
  • It is Easter weekend 2016 and PSI Research's third annual meet and greet / networking event. This is a very exclusive event that has been held in three locations, three years in a row and is expected to proceed for many years to come.
  • By Psi Research
  • Local Networking Sparks Support for Community Center
  • On May 11th the Scientology Information Center located in the Historic Bank of Clearwater building hosted a reception for business professionals in support of economic community development. The networking sparked support for a local cause to help keep inner city youth off the streets during the summer of 2016.
  • By Church Of Scientology, Flag