April 26, 2014 Latest News

  • West Florida Vein Center Announces New Website Launch
  • West Florida Vein Center is launching a new and improved website. The new site features increased navigability and patient forms available for download right on the homepage. Current and prospective patients can now request an appointment online, and visit the site at any time for information and news about vein disorder treatment and prevention.
  • By West Florida Vein Center
  • All dbForge Plugins in Visual Studio Now
  • Devart announces the release of three plugins for Visual Studio. The new improved versions of dbForge Fusion for SQL Server, dbForge Fusion for Oracle and dbForge Fusion for MySQL can be integrated into Visual Studio simultaneously.
  • By Devart
  • Fitnostics LLC Hosts 4th Annual Health & Fitness Charity Event
  • Fitnostics LLC once again hosts a charity event where clients and participants will do as many pushups as possible in 90 seconds to raise money for Wounded Warriors and their families. The annual event, "Push-ups For Charity"is now in its' 4th year. The first three events have generated over $13,000.
  • By Fitnostics Llc