April 20, 2017 Latest News

  • US based AERA honours entrepreneur Dr. Vikas Joshi's research work
  • The research work done by Dr. Vikas Joshi, Pune (India) based entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Harbinger Group has received the prestigious 'Dissertation of the year 2017' award from the American Educational Research Association (AREA). Headquartered in Washington D. C. AERA was founded in 1916 and is an association of educational researchers in the USA and other countries.
  • By Harbinger Systems
  • CEO of Vivier & Co Announces New Product Offerings in the Middle East Region
  • The Chief Executive Officer of Vivier & Co, Luigi Wewege, has announced that the boutique financial services company will now be expanding its varied product and service offerings to the Middle East. The expansion will give a host of new clients' access to the company's beneficial financial services, in particular its favorable interest rates.
  • By Vivier Co
  • Automotive's Very Own Axel Cooley to speak at TechWeek Detroit 2017
  • Michigan-based Latina entrepreneur Axel Cooley has been selected as a special guest speaker at this year's Detroit Tech Equity week to exemplify how she is utilizing her trailblazing international experience along with her unique technology and automotive background to create outside-of-the-box, cost saving opportunities in the automotive sector and beyond.
  • By Journi