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  • Richard Grundy
  • 440 Burroughs St. Suite #153 Detroit, MI
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  • OURNi is an organization dedicated to equipping urban communities with the skills and resources necessary to jumpstart their local economies. We strive to build an authentically inclusive tech ecosystem in the city of Detroit, by tapping into the heart and spirit of its residents. To achieve this goal, we will provide immersive courses, youth-centered programming, beneficial employment opportunities, start up education, and socioeconomic resources.
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  • Automotive's Very Own Axel Cooley to speak at TechWeek Detroit 2017
  • Michigan-based Latina entrepreneur Axel Cooley has been selected as a special guest speaker at this year's Detroit Tech Equity week to exemplify how she is utilizing her trailblazing international experience along with her unique technology and automotive background to create outside-of-the-box, cost saving opportunities in the automotive sector and beyond.
  • DETROIT, MICHIGAN - Serial Entrepreneur Axel Cooley who is rapidly earning her mark in the exciting Automotive sector is scheduled to speak at Detroit ...
  • April 20, 2017