April 10, 2020 Latest News

  • Gian Phoi Viet Electric Drying Rack is Saving a Small Fortune on Laundry
  • Introducing yet another innovative and technologically advanced product from Gian Phoi Viet, an evolving brand for home essentials from house. This newly introduced Automatic Clothes Drying Rack dry clothes quickly and conveniently. It helps to keep clothes free from harmful germs and bacteria due to moisture. Gian Phoi Viet’s Automatic Cloth Drying rack is the best pick for winter and rainy seas
  • By Gian Phoi Thong Minh
  • Imagicaa Helps Local Communities during COVID-19 Lockdown
  • IProvisions Essential Goods and Mobilizes Medical Support in Khalapur. Expanding the geographical scope of support, Imagicaa is also working with Child Rights and You (C.R.Y). C.R.Y has designed a fundraiser campaign to support not only underprivileged kids from their Public Action Groups but also all the frontline workers (i.e. medical and healthcare workers, law enforcement officials etc.
  • By Adlabs Imagicaa