April 12, 2020 Latest News

  • SpikeBot awarded as the fastest finger smart home app
  • With this press release, SpikeBot shares the big news from the recent hours. The home automation system has received recognition as the fastest finger app for turning on and off the smart home devices. Be it AC, TV or Curtains; your home is mastered with the help of the fastest smart home application.
  • By Spikebot
  • Stay Busy at Home to Beat the Blues
  • Everyone across the world is experiencing the novel idea of staying at home to help ‘flatten the curve’ in alignment with the World Heath Organization’s recommendations and mandates across cities, states and countries. Self-distancing (keeping 6 ft. between people) and washing hands for 20-30 seconds is vital to helping the world improve the current health crisis.
  • By Church Of Scientology, Flag