April 02, 2016 Latest News

  • Biztech Store Introduces Customer Portal Pro Powered With WordPress
  • It's time to give your customer's improved and controlled systems with the benefit of Wordpress and SugarCRM integration by offering a dedicated Customer Portal accessible from their WP interface. It will make business function smoother and faster. It also simplifies and reduces communication with the customers as they would be able to update all the modules by their own using the interface.
  • By Biztechconsultancy
  • Strategic Alliance between TechArcis and Perfecto
  • The world today is associated in more courses than any other time in recent memory. Different stages like the versatile, desktop, web of things, processing stages and so on are connected through public and private APIs. Creating and testing applications on such stages is a testing suggestion for the designers and analyzers alike. This is the reason of the association with perfectomobile.
  • By Techarcis Solutions, Inc