March 11, 2016 Latest News

  • Tibbo Systems, the Gold Partner of IDC IoT Forum 2016
  • Tibbo, a leading manufacturer of IoT devices and intelligent device management software, has become the Gold Partner of IDC IoT Forum 2016 that brought together a great number of IoT experts, vendors and integrators.The main IDC conference mission was to help participants better understand current trends, identify prospective areas and take the lead in their respective fields.
  • By Tibbo Technology Inc.
  • Women's Day Celebrations at Algoworks
  • March 8, marks the International Women's Day, a day when whole world celebrates the achievements of women in all spheres of life. International Women's Day invites us to celebrate the achievements of women and also reminds us that gender equality remains a significant challenge. On this grandeur Algoworks also acknowledged and honoured its female employees.
  • By Algoworks