March 06, 2011 Latest News

  • CityRoom Inc. Announces Launch of Spa Tours Worldwide
  • CityRoom Inc. today announced the unveiling of its newest online enterprise, Spa Tours Worldwide ( ). This new and innovative site provides outstanding convenience for consumers seeking the most exciting spa tours and will serve as a centralized online venue for specialty tour companies wishing to advertise their own unique products.
  • By Cityroom
  • Campbells Opens Online Community on Bitrix Site Manager
  • Bitrix, Inc. together with Red Ked's, a creative marketing agency, are pleased to announce the successful deployment of Bitrix Site Manager as the platform for The resulting site has provided the Campbell Soup Company with an interactive platform for fans of Campbell's soups.
  • By Bitrix
  • EM to help Clean-up City of Christchurch After Earthquake
  • NatureFarm NZ, manufacturer of Effective microorganisms (EM), is supplying its organic microbial product to support the ongoing clean up of the disaster struck city. One of EM's many functions includes odour control and waste management. Through this it will aid in restoring polluted water and waterways. In addition it was shown to be extremely effective at reducing odours, composting food waste and other waste quickly.
  • By Naturefarm Nz