March 02, 2017 Latest News

  • Nexscience LLC Released Document Sign & Send Version 1.2
  • The leading development company in mobile consumer applications, Nexscience LLC, has announced the release of another latest and exciting application Document Sign & Send Version 1.2, which is designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This innovative application intends to bring powerful PDF Master and Document Management Solution for Apple users.
  • By Nexscience
  • NM Cabling Design Tier 3 Data Centre
  • NM Cabling are currently involved in the design of a new data centre in South East London near Canary Wharf. The design team are helping the client to achieve Tier 3+ status for the data centre which will be a leading co-location centre in London.
  • By Nm Cabling Solutions
  • Ringmaster Productions Looks to Score a Slam-Dunk in Next Fundraising Campaign
  • Aspiring film and theatre production company beat the odds to make proof-of-concept shorts for its feature film project, a satire of the Occupy Movement and wealthy financiers. Its next fund-raising round is for a project which takes aim at the inane 'date shows' which litter our TV screens, with its unique concept 'Awkward Dates', celebrating the dates which did not, and could not, work out.
  • By Ringmaster Productions
  • SWAT Environmental Promotes World Cancer Day
  • SWAT Environmental takes great pride in helping their customers realize the importance of understanding the dangers of radon gas exposure, particularly in the development of lung cancer. In recognition of World Cancer Day on February 4, the company recognizes radon gas as the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.
  • By Swat Environmental
  • SimplyCast Unveils EmergHub
  • SimplyCast revealed its new communication platform during its unveiling event, February 23. EmergHub is an all-in-one platform consisting of 24 modules that help with communication before, during, and after emergency events. EmergHub was funded through the Build in Canada Innovation program and piloted by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Department of Health and Wellness in Nova Scotia.
  • By Simplycast