Top Quote MorphMindTM has created a VR demo, "Once Upon a Beach - Submodalities in Space," which shows the user how to change their feelings by changing the properties of the images in their mind. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 02, 2017 - This VR experience is the only one of its kind. There is nothing else out there that shows you how to change the images in your mind. And "Once Upon a Beach - Submodalities in Space" fully utilizes the capabilities of VR that cannot be reproduced in any other media.

    To understand what this product is about it helps to know what visual submodalities are.

    Visual submodalities are the properties of any image in your mind, that you can change without changing the content of the image. Changing submodalities is used in the coaching context, and the practice comes from the field of NLP.

    A classic example of how submodalities work, is to think of a pleasant experience - perhaps a day spent leisurly at the beach. The visual aspect of the memory will be represented somewhere in mental space, it will have a certain size, a certain saturation, it will be flat or have depth, the representation will be in front of the person or surrounding them. These are all submodality distinctions. Once the person changes the submodalities, for example by bringing the image closer, making it larger, adding color and making it panoramic the emotional impact will typically be more positive.

    The great advantage of creating "Once Upon a Beach - Submodalities in Space," in VR is that all the visual submodality changes can be demonstrated in VR. They can be experienced in VR.

    VR is simply used to emulate and illustrate what goes on inside the mind.
    The VR experience of "Once Upon a Beach - Submodalities in Space" starts out on a spaceship, which is used as a lecture hall. In front of the user stands the trainer, Thomas Björge, who starts talking about a small black and white image of a beach and how it grows larger, gains color and becomes a movie. All the while, the changes are visualized. The user sees an image of a beach, changing just as it is being described.

    Some of the things that could only had been visualised in VR are how the image of the beach moves close to the user, far away from the user, and eventually behind the user. The image of the beach also changes from an image moving around in the spaceship, into a panoramic image surrounding the user. None of these effects could have been created outside of the VR environment.

    Thomas Björge, who stars as the trainer in the production, says: "What I am truly happy about is the responses from our test users! One of them put it nicely: 'This is so much better than just a description in words. This is an experience. I don't know how else you could had conveyed this. Why hasn't anyone else thought of this?' These responses are especially gratifying since I have dreamt of creating a product like this for nearly two decades. I think we hit the sweet spot in terms of the window of opportunity. Right now is where the consumer technology is advanced enough to make a VR presentation of Submodalities into a meaningful and powerful experience."

    Filip Ziolek, the producer of "Once Upon a Beach - Submodalities in Space," says: "It was great working with a VR project that was more than a cool game or an aesthetic experience, a project that proves that we can accomplish pedagogical tasks in VR. That we can do what just cannot be done anywhere else. It is also cool to create a teaching module for something as useful as Visual Submodalities, which is something anyone can put to immediate use in order to heighten the quality of their life."

    MorphMindTM, the creator of "Once Upon a Beach - Submodalities in Space," is a joint venture by Hong Kong based 3.six.5 and London based Momentum Strategies.

    MorphMindTM is busy creating the next generation of educational tools to the world of personal development and executive coaching. Our goal is to make it easy and fun for everyone to reach the highest levels of competency. Keep an eye on us - more to come, soon ...

    MorphMindTM has made "Once Upon a Beach - Submodalities in Space" available for free from their website.

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