February 24, 2020 Latest News

  • 24th Global Congress on Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology 2020 aims to learn and share knowledge in biotech field. Biotechnology 2020 is a global platform to discuss and learn about Industrial Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Algal Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology, Plant and Agriculture Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology etc.
  • By Conference Series Llc
  • Warrior Fitness Camp Takes Davie Residents on a Shopping Safari
  • Warrior Fitness Camp voted Our City’s Best Gym led by Coach Joey voted Our City’s Best Personal Trainer is taking the residents of Davie on a Shopping Safari. This event is taking place on March 7, 2020. Coach Joey will be teaching people how to grocery shop for healthy items, save money, and understand how to read labels.
  • By Warrior Fitness Camp