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  • Warrior Fitness Camp Holds Shoulder and Pain Seminar by Dr Jocelyn Wallace
  • Warrior Fitness Camp is holding a shoulder and pain seminar led by Dr. Jocelyn Wallace DPT, FRCms, CF-L1. WFC finds most of the time people are advised to stop working out when they have issues in their shoulders. WFC believes avoiding working on a specific area of the body is not the right path instead there should be rehabilitation and mobility exercise plan in to use that area of the body.
  • On March 21st at 10:15am Warrior Fitness Camp located at 4747 SW 51st St Davie Florida 33314 is holding a Should and Pain Seminar led by Dr. Jocelyn W ...
  • February 25, 2020
  • Warrior Fitness Camp Takes Davie Residents on a Shopping Safari
  • Warrior Fitness Camp voted Our City’s Best Gym led by Coach Joey voted Our City’s Best Personal Trainer is taking the residents of Davie on a Shopping Safari. This event is taking place on March 7, 2020. Coach Joey will be teaching people how to grocery shop for healthy items, save money, and understand how to read labels.
  • Warrior Fitness Camp finds the biggest challenge in people’s health journey to be nutrition. The organization really focuses on providing its members ...
  • February 24, 2020
  • Warrior Fitness Camp Supports Robert Irvine's Crunch For A Vet Challenge
  • Warrior Fitness Camp supports Robert Irvine’s Crunch For A Vet Challenge on February 25th 2020 in Davie Florida. All small group personal training classes will do three minutes of crunches to see how many they can tally up. Each crunch is worth one dollar in which Robert Irvine's Foundation will pay.
  • Warrior Fitness Camp is a huge supporter of service men and women. They have many service men and women as part of their fitness community. All classe ...
  • February 22, 2020
  • Warrior Fitness Camp Voted Our City’s Best 2019 Davie, Cooper City and SW Ranches
  • Warrior Fitness Camp Voted Our City’s Best Gym. Joseph Salpietro Owner/Head Coach Voted Our City’s Best Personal Trainer. Small Group Personal Training with exceptional next level service.
  • Warrior Fitness Camp Davie’s Premiere Small Group Personal Training, Personalized Nutrition Coaching, and Mindset Coaching Levels Up

    “A ...
  • February 20, 2020