February 21, 2020 Latest News

  • VideoMost for JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy
  • Anet has integreted its VideoMost-based FreshVoice into both Mizushima and Negishi Refineries infrastructure and has doubled number of video ports used within JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy in three months. FreshVoice has become popular app for corporate video interactions in Japan – Asahi Kohsan, Nuclear Safety Technology Center, Kyowakai Medical and Goodwin Co., Ltd. are also using it for teamwork.
  • By Spirit Dsp 
  • KUDO Announces Integration with Microsoft Teams
  • New York, NY – KUDO, a cloud-based platform for multilingual meetings with real-time language interpretation, just announced its integration to Microsoft’s collaboration hub. As a result, enterprise clients relying on Microsoft Teams will now have the ability to join multilingual meetings and participate fully while speaking their own language.
  • By Kudoway
  • Awc(R) Receives The Seda Annual Award For Vendor Of The Year
  • Once again, American Water Chemicals takes home the Vendor of the year SEDA award! The SEDA awards are given out by the Southeast Desalting Association as part of their efforts to the continual improvements to aquaculture and feedwater chemistry. American Water Chemicals is proud to join them and be rewarded for their helpful efforts!
  • By American Water Chemical