February 08, 2012 Latest News

  • Eye Elegance, Houston to Organize 2nd Annual Robert Marc Trunk Show
  • Eye Elegance, the noted optical boutique from Houston will host their 2nd annual Robert Marc Trunk Show on Feb 11. The event will showcase the 'Via Roma' eyewear collection from Robert Marc. On this occasion, a representative from Robert Marc will be present at the show to introduce visitors with this new eyewear collection.
  • By Eye Elegance
  • Synowledge to Exhibit at 24th Annual DIA EuroMeeting
  • Synowledge is a global provider of drug safety, regulatory affairs and related IT solutions to small, mid and large sized pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our comprehensive outsourcing solutions combine the unique strengths of both onshore and offshore services to meet our clients' needs.
  • By Synowledge Llc
  • New Online Guide to the Seychelles
  • Wilderness and wildlife travel company Aqua-Firma and its team of Seychelles experts have specially designed an online Seychelles Island Guide to help you decide what island to visit by detailing specific wildlife, marine life, activities, accommodation and attractions that can be sought on each one.
  • By Aqua-firma
  • IBM boosts XIV Storage System Gen3 performance three-fold with SSD caching option
  • With SSD caching, the most frequently used data is stored on solid state memory placed between the system memory and hard drives. Because SSDs use no spinning disks and robotic arms, the storing and retrieving of data is accomplished with virtually no latency, speeding data access by orders of magnitude. In addition to the superior performance, SSD cache requires no separate tier to manage.
  • By Financial News
  • Abu Sheikha Adopts MenaITech Solutions for Human Capital Management
  • Abu Sheikha for Exchange, in collaboration with MenaITech, the regional company specialized in building and deploying human resources applications, has successfully completed the implementation of MenaITech's Human Capital Information System (HCIS), a system designed for managing and developing human resources.
  • By Prlaunchers
  • New Site Launched for Mp4 Video Songs
  • The inception of MP4Videosongs seems to be quite exciting for the people love to download free video songs from the internet. The site looks quite promising, well organized, and the collection is really impressive.
  • By Mp4 Video Songs
  • Video-In-Motion Add-On Module "SmartTV" by Mods4cars for many BMW Models
  • Aftermarket electronics specialist Mods4cars is now offering their retrofit SmartTV video-in-motion module for many BMW models. It allows the passenger full use of the TV- and DVD playback system by the while the car is moving. The module can be enabled and disabled via a specialized, yet simple setup procedure using the blinker stalk.
  • By Mods4cars