January 10, 2013 Latest News

  • Epom Launched Direct Ads Service for Epom Market
  • Epom announced about the launch of a new service - Epom Market Direct Ads. In addition to the traditional revenue share model of selling ad placements, the new service affords the possibility of direct selection and buying of the best placements.
  • By Epom
  • INVEA-TECH reinforces its position by acquiring AdvaICT
  • INVEA-TECH, a leader in flow monitoring, has acquired 100% of AdvaICT shares and adds the FlowMon ADS solution to its product portfolio. The latest Gartner report recognizes FlowMon ADS as one of the top solutions for network behavior analysis and automated detection of anomalies in network traffic.
  • By Invea-tech
  • Synowledge LLC Opens New Office in New York City
  • Synowledge, LLC is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Manhattan, New York City in order to better accommodate its clients and further expand its global reach. The Senior Management team will operate out of the New York City office, while the state-of-the-art delivery centers continue to expand around the globe.
  • By Synowledge Llc
  • BIM Equity Launches BIMhub Partner Program
  • BIM services provider, BIM Equity, has announced the launch of a brand new BIMHub partner program for entrepreneurs as well as experienced AEC professionals. This programs consists of three different levels and offers something for AEC entrepreneurs and professionals with varying experience levels, from novices to established pros.
  • By Bim Equity
  • Soukle Launches Soukle.com
  • Soukle will launch new website, Soukle.com, a website devoted to providing informative insight on the city's best locations to visit after the 5 o'clock business hour and also an organization that hosts monthly networking on January 11, 2013.
  • By Soukle, Llc
  • CRU Reveals New Potash Cost Report
  • CRU, independent commodity industry analysts and management consultants in the global metals, mining and fertilizer industries, has released a new Potash Cost Report.
  • By Cru Group