TOSIBOX is the new standard for secure OT networks; remote maintenance; and network management

Top Quote Traditionally, companies have tackled connectivity challenges with expensive, tailored solutions. Tosibox has changed the game by making automated connectivity secure and simple. Connect operational devices and users for Industry 4.0 initiatives without recreating the existing business processes or IT systems. Match the cost, complexity, and security profile for today’s scale. End Quote
  • San Diego, CA (1888PressRelease) February 17, 2021 - TOSIBOX® patented Plug & Go™ technology is the world’s first, patented hardware-based remote access solution. TOSIBOX® solution is a game-changer for secure OT networking, remote maintenance, and network management.

    TOSIBOX® is the world’s first and only fully automatic, fully secure OT (Operational Technology) connectivity, infrastructure, and cyber-security solution.

    TOSIBOX® is the world’s first and only fully automatic, fully secure OT (Operational Technology) connectivity, infrastructure, and cyber-security solution.

    TOSIBOX® technology replaces cloud-based connection methods and supplier-specific remote connections with a Plug & Go™, easy-to-use, secure, and cost-effective solution. TOSIBOX® can be deployed by anyone in a few minutes, no advanced IT skills required.

    TOSIBOX® turns an internet connection between two devices into an encrypted and automatic point-to-point connection. Firewalls do not need to be opened. The owner of the TOSIBOX® Lock and Key pairing can be sure that the data and the connections are completely secured, and never stored on any third-party server.

    Solving the challenges of connectivity: To be able to collect data and access the devices, companies need IoT connectivity. There are challenges, however, that must be solved for the IoT to really live up to the promises.

    The main challenges in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 adoption have to do with cybersecurity, lack of standardization and skilled workers, legacy-installed base, significant upfront investments, and data integrity ( Questions about reliability, security, and costs of the connection technologies used are holding back companies from taking the leap into IoT.

    So far, the connectivity challenges have been tackled by solving single network connection problems using tailored solutions. The problem with such a case-by-case approach is that it is time-consuming and expensive. Also, compatibility issues can make adding items to the system at a later stage problematic.

    As objects connect to the internet for the first time, they are challenging the traditional IT architectures and raising new questions about security and integration. IoT applications and projects typically require exchanging OT (operational technology) data with IT systems to gain increased business intelligence. Therefore, a collaboration between OT and IT stakeholders is already in process. However, the impasse often occurs around the topic of security. Enterprise IT departments understand the need for cybersecurity, but often discount operation’s need for ease of use and efficiency. Conversely, operational teams (who also understand the reasons for security) underestimate the complexity of securing data transfer, access control, in these multi-tiered network environments.

    TOSIBOX® provides VPN connectivity and easy network administration solving the IT/OT convergence, without costly investments.

    1. Less focus on IT functions. TOSIBOX® comes with a smooth deployment process that you can carry out even without extensive IT skills. The standardized implementation means IT departments can focus their time on other tasks instead.

    2. Not a billion-dollar venture. Building an OT network with TOSIBOX® significantly lowers your investments in IT solutions. TOSIBOX® is cost-effective and does not require big start-up costs.

    3. Simple access control. TOSIBOX® provides centralized access management between IT applications, OT, and the physical environment that you can do, independent of IT.

    4. More focus on applications. TOSIBOX® connectivity gives you access to data that lets you tap into concepts such as machine learning and predictive maintenance.

    5. Enable new revenue streams. Run your customers’ operations more efficiently with better customer experience and profitability. Offer TOSIBOX® with service to your customers and end-users to create new services and cashflows.

    6. Enable modern business models. TOSIBOX® can provide the secure and cost-effective solution for connectivity on the edge and modern cloud platforms needed to refine the model of bringing the data to a central point.

    7. Increase operational effectiveness. With TOSIBOX®, you can reduce downtime, the cost of ownership, give the operational team access to their data, decrease the need to travel, and provide a quicker response to your customers, making them happier.

    8. Position yourself as a thought leader. Cybersecurity is a business differentiator for you, your company, and your customers. TOSIBOX® is your tool for building a highly secure operational network with end-to-end encrypted remote connections and network management tools.

    Moreover, TOSIBOX® enables easy, centralized, and device-specific access management. Creating and managing access groups, limiting access, and adding new users and objects is a matter of clicks whereas with previous-generation technologies the same tasks took days or weeks to perform. Enterprises can manage their networks in a brand-new way with more efficiency and security than before.

    While TOSIBOX® secures the connections, this full package lets companies and integrators create new services on top of the technology. Secure IoT connectivity, remote maintenance, and network management are solved by this award-winning technology.

    ClemTech introduces TOSIBOX® as part of our ClemNet infrastructure-as-a-service or by itself. Demonstrations are available where we construct a worldwide network from scratch in under 20 minutes.

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