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Top Quote The isobaric labels TMT (tandem mass tagging) are available in up to 11 tags that can be used for labeling practically any peptide or protein sample. TMT makes it possible to multiplex the analysis, to efficiently use the instrument time and exert further controls for technical variation. End Quote
  • New York, NY (1888PressRelease) September 19, 2018 - Creative Proteomics announced the launching of advanced TMT based proteomics service. Creative Proteomics has established reliable analysis method and clear workflow to provide a tailor-made service with rapid analysis procedures and clearly report, which allows us to build an ideal scientific model to speed up your research.

    Proteins play an important role in all cellular processes, and diseases almost always manifest at the level of proteins. The analysis of all expressed proteins (the proteome), for example, healthy and diseased tissues, is the most applicable approach to scientific areas, which are often named as biomarkers or functionally related protein signatures. Our company provides reliable, rapid and cost-effective TMT services based on a comprehensive sample preparation, combing, MS selection and MS/MS quantification system combine with excellent reproducibility process.
    It is also notable that Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) chemical labeling enables simultaneous protein identification and relative quantitation of different samples (maximum is 10 different samples) in the same proteomics experiment. TMT is classified as one of the reagents referred to as isobaric mass tags, which provide an alternative to gel- or antibody-based quantification but may also be used in combination with these and other methods. Besides, each TMT tagging reagent is composed of an amine-reactive NHS-ester group, a spacer arm, and an MS/MS reporter. And the isobaric tagging reagent within a set has the same nominal parent (precursor) mass. These reporter ions are in the low mass region of the MS/MS spectrum and are used to report expression changes in cell-based or tissue samples that may not be amenable to metabolic isotopic labeling strategies such as SILAC. Isobaric chemical tags represent a fast, unbiased, and sensitive method to quantify proteins in a biological sample. They are used with a variety of samples including cells, tissues, and biological fluids, and enable relative quantitation simultaneously multiple conditions by mass spectrometry (MS).

    Creative Proteomics is continuing to optimize analytical software, facilities, and experiment design. Continued modification including developing Lipidomics Analysis workflow and reducing turnaround time to make it more efficient and effective.

    About Creative Proteomics:
    Creative Proteomics is programming a full range of services to support various proteome-related researches from identification of single proteins to large-scale proteomic studies. The advancement of our proteomics analysis platforms and our specialized employees allows us to provide efficient high throughput and super-sensitivity services, including protein separation, characterization, identification, and quantification. In addition to offering analyses of protein post-translational modifications such as phosphorylation and glycosylation. Our team aims at providing you the optimal service for your research needs basing at the lowest cost level in the industry. More information is available at:

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