Sun 'n Fun 2017: MYGOFLIGHT to demonstrate SKYDISPLAY, A Head-Up Display System with ZeroTouch SmartHUD Technology

Top Quote SKYDISPLAY™ HUD products use the untouched canvas of the sky to deliver information to pilots in their line of sight when they need it, with zero increase to pilot workload. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) April 01, 2017 - DENVER - Today MYGOFLIGHT, maker of premium iPad and tablet gear for pilots, announced that it will demonstrate SKYDISPLAY™ HUD-LCD180, its first in a series of affordable Head-Up Display (HUD) units equipped with ZeroTouch™ SmartHUD™ technology during Sun 'n Fun 2017. This new product will be available for release some time in 2017. The HUD will be operational in Hangar C, Booth 91 at Sun 'n Fun 2017, taking place April 4th through the 9th in Lakeland, Florida.

    Going beyond the limits of traditional head-down displays, SKYDISPLAY™ products use the untouched canvas of the sky. Their purpose is to deliver information to pilots in their line of sight when they need it, with zero increase to pilot workload.

    MYGOFLIGHT teamed up with Max-Viz to add infrared technology to the HUD. This (Enhanced Vision System) EVS helps pilots to see better and increase situational awareness at night and in bad weather.

    "Two years ago we built and demonstrated that a small form factor HUD could be developed and operate in aircraft using new, small projection technologies" said Charles Schneider, CEO, MYGOFLIGHT. "Today we have completed this vision with software that is capable to not only align information a pilot needs to see with their line of sight, it enables them to do that without having to enter any information or learn to operate anything new. Our goal is to improve flight safety by getting pilots to fly with their head up and eyes out during all critical phases of flight."

    Incidents like runway incursions, landing at the wrong airport, departing from the wrong runway, feelings of vertigo from looking down during descent, loss of control during an approach and the like will be minimized and reduced to near zero with the use of this HUD.

    "We have been developing advance terrain avoidance software to meet the needs of the military and commercial low-level flight operations for over a decade," said Robert (Bob) Stadt, President, Sentinel Applied Technologies. "Our experience in software development, flight systems integration and systems certification efforts make us an ideal partner in MYGOFLIGHT's Advanced Display Systems unit. It has been a real challenge to bring new display software to existing aircraft as panel space is so tight. SKYDISPLAY™ changes all of that creating an entirely new display area. We are excited to work together to advance the use of safe and smart technology now available to most aircraft."

    SKYDISPLAY™ puts flight information directly in front of a pilot. The HUD uses a transparent display and specially designed optics that projects an image out in front of the pilot. This allows a pilot to be able to view information with their head positioned "up" and looking forward instead of angled down looking at panel mounted instruments. The HUD does not require removing any existing avionics, will not block existing instruments and will not interfere with flight controls.

    SKYDISPLAY™ contains three primary components: a projection unit; clear glass display combiner; a computer that connects to the aircraft and other flight sensors and contains the data and software necessary to drive the HUD's graphics. The image appears to be out in front of the pilot to minimize head down time.

    SKYDISPLAY™ uses SmartHUD™ software to present information to the pilot based upon the position and direction of the aircraft, surrounding terrain and obstacles, flight trajectory, flight plan, and, therefore, the particular phase of flight. Based on this understanding, HUD screens are displayed so as to not require pilot input. Thus it operates ZeroTouch™ with zero increase to pilot workload.

    A SmartHUD™ software option can include a patented state of the art terrain avoidance algorithm to support low level approaches in obstacle filled or mountainous terrain. The algorithm utilizes aircraft stored energy, climb performance, as well as surrounding terrain to determine the safety escape route.

    MYGOFLIGHT's Advanced Display Systems group will work with avionics manufacturers, airplane manufacturers and apps developers that are interested in this product to ensure compatibility and fit with their software, electronics and airplanes. SKYDISPLAY™ can also act as a repeater to a pilot side HUD already installed so that the co-pilot can have the benefits of a HUD at a fraction of the cost.

    HUD units available today installed cost roughly $150,000 or more. The initial price of SKYDISPLAY™ is expected to start around $10,000 and is intended to be installed by avionics shops when integrated with on-board ships data and/or the integration of new sensors. Interested pilots, avionics shops, apps developers, aircraft manufacturers and avionics electronics manufacturers should contact Charles Schneider on cschneider ( @ ) mygoflight dot com or call 303 dot 364 dot 7400 x111 to discuss dot

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    About MYGOFLIGHT's Advanced Display Systems Group
    MYGOFLIGHT's Advanced Display Systems builds next generation head up display systems and technology aimed at using an aircraft's windscreen as a display allowing pilots to fly with their head up and eyes out minimizing head down time. ADS leverages information that already exists in today's aircraft. The focus is to increase pilot safety, enhance situational awareness, and reduce pilot workload.

    For more information, visit To contact MGF Advanced Display Systems, send an email to info ( @ ) mygoflight dot com or call 303.364.7400.

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