Shhh...Continental Presents Their Brand-New Noise Reducing Tyres for Passenger Vehicles

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  • (1888PressRelease) September 22, 2018 - Silence is golden; it is especially apparent when you are driving. That annoying noise coming from the tyres does seem to make one tired. Indeed, who likes a constant guttural noise coming from all four tyres?

    Well, tyre manufacturers around the world have worked on that aspect for ages. That noise you hear is the result of a phenomenon called rolling resistance. When you drive your car,its tyres and the road creates friction which helps in the handling and braking of your car. This friction, also known as rolling resistance, generates heat and the sound that you hear when you drive around your city.

    Noise Pollution from Vehicles

    The sound emitted from car tyres is a major cause of noise pollution around the world. For the last few years, UK roads have seen a massive surge in private car ownership. This resulted in a hiked pollution (both noise and emission). While the UK government has set several guidelines and rules to help curb the amount of pollution, it is impossible to achieve without the active participation of tyre companies.

    The Dilemma
    However, as easy as it sounds, decreasing the tyre noise is no easy task. If the car tyres are too smooth (which will generate much less noise) you will lose that much-needed road grip. Think about it; you bought a brand-new set of Car Tyres Northampton, and when you drive on them, you find that they provide zero traction even when there is no mud or snow on the road! It would surely be a harrowing ride for you.

    Finding that balance of adequate traction and minimum noise emission is what tyre manufacturers have invested billions in. Most of the companies feature some sort of ‘quiet’ tyres. However, no one has yet made something like what Continental has to offer.

    Conti Silent - A Milestone in Tyre Technology
    Continental hushed the entire industry with their brand-new invention. Their tyres implemented the Conti Silent technology. These tyres are of the same size asan ordinary car tyre, don't affect a car’s mileage, and provide adequate grip on all kind of weather conditions. The last one is especially important. Companies struggle to make something that will reduce the noise while maintaining the safety and Continental did that with a seemingly mundane, yet fantastic process.

    The Technology
    These new tyres have a clever trick up their sleeves. They incorporate a sound absorbed, typically made from polyurethane foam, inside the tyre casing. This attaches to the inner lining with an adhesive and the centrifugal force.

    This simple yet genius attachment helped reduce the noise emission significantly. According to tests, tyres with Conti Silent technology reduced interior noise to a staggering 9 dB! Think about it, your car tyres in Northampton will now diminish the noise emitted by them by more than 30 dB (each tyre is rated for 9 dB).

    Looking For a Quieter and Pollution Free Future
    These tyres’ performance depends somewhat on the road and the speed that you are driving at. To reduce the complexity, Continental manufactures them only in the summer variant at this time, and they are available for almost every rim size. You will find these technological masterpieces in any reputed car garage in your area.

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