Sanza Healthcare Technologies- Multi-Therapy Healthcare System

Top Quote Manufactured using a patented technology based on TESLA energy Medicine, Sanza is approved as Class II Medical Device in Europe. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 06, 2018 - Sanza Healthcare Device, is the only device in the world that provides combined pulse electro-magnetic fields (PEMF), bio-frequency (TENS), and Laser therapy so as to achieve full-body wellness, that is -mental, physical, and emotional. With over 50,000 units in use worldwide in private clinics, public hospitals, pain management clinics, spas, Wellness centers, Sports complexes, and also 12 universities, Sanza has emerged as the leading producer of multitherapy devices on a global scale.

    It is the first device in the market to include-
    -Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy
    -Bio-frequency therapy
    -Light therapy via soft lasers

    The programs are quite easy to use, with the most commonly used ones stored in the Quickstart menu. So just turn it on, select the program and use it. There are options to choose from the selection including-

    Each of these programs is designed to provide the specific effects.

    Some of the unique features of Sanza Healthcare device which make it so distinctive are-
    -The intensities, frequencies, and the waveforms of the signal generated can be individually programmed- leading to ease of use. It also allows rebuilding any clinical and scientific PEMF study.
    -Sanzaís ability to work with a magnetic field strength of up to 10.000 microTesla with clean signals not only enhances it but makes it a great choice for medical application related to bone problems. Moreover, the patented envelope signals produced also ensure a better effect of the PEMF treatment.
    -The presence of a wide range of signal forms (frequencies, intensities, etc.) enables it to address the autonomous nervous system. This treatment can be provided for problems arising due to day/night shifts.
    -Sanza is the only company which is able to portray the healing processes because of the case studies.
    -Sanza also has the best price/performance ratio as there is the possibility of enhancements of the basic system with additional PEMF applicators, BFS, and Laser.
    -Sanza is the only company in the PEMF world who has a medical doctor with over 15 years of successful experience in this field.

    Benefits of PEMF:
    -Pain reduction with the release of photons from the laser increases cellular metabolism
    -Treatment of chronic and acute conditions
    -Stimulates cell growth, heals, and repairs tissue structures
    -Promotes better cellular function and overall health
    -Slows the risk of cell dysfunction
    -Reduces cell ageing and maintains healthy cells

    The devices provided by Sanza:
    1. Mat: The patented curve signals present throughout the entire mat adapt to the userís brainwave frequencies and simultaneously influence all the cells, thereby allowing the body to get back to its proper rhythm by successfully influencing the autonomic nervous system.

    2. Cushion: The shape of this device makes it ideal to treat the large muscles in the back, abdomen, neck, and thighs. It comes with an additional ACUTE frequency range which aides in supporting the repair of injuries, strains, and degenerative changes.

    3. Helmholtz applicator: Designed specifically for intensive applications in the cartilage, bones, and tendons, its envelope curve signal is 200 times of the earthís magnetic field.

    4. Laser: Specially suited to treat small joints, which require intensive magnetic fields. The laser contains bio-photons which can covert mitochondria to cellular energy thereby speeding up the regeneration process of the cells.

    5. Hand Electrodes and Bio-frequency chips: The bio-frequency current generated acts to weaken the microbes, sensitizing the userís immune system simultaneously.

    Sanza is the most recent development in the field of medical technology. It provides a multi-functional and modular application for both treatment and health protection. Their easy-to-use interface is combined with proven benefits of PEMF technology with new applications like-bio frequency currents and lasers, thereby creating a new list of standards in health medicine and bioelectronics.

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