RepairDesk to Launch new Enterprise Version in February 2020

Top Quote RepairDesk Enterprise is geared towards empowering repair stores with the right tools to increase customer retention and gain an edge over the competition. End Quote
  • St. Louis, MO-IL (1888PressRelease) February 22, 2020 - In a bid to allow repair stores an edge over the competition and boost customer retention, RepairDesk, a repair store POS software company, has launched an Enterprise version of its POS software. The new version will have features such as Loyalty, Gift Cards and Store Credits; and will also allow repair stores to run customized email marketing campaigns. RepairDesk Enterprise is scheduled for launch in February 2020 and will be available to repair stores worldwide.

    Highlighting the reasons for this particular launch, RepairDesk CEO Usman Butt said, “Since the inception of RepairDesk, our primary focus has been on providing repair stores with the best tools to streamline workflow and boost business. The launch of RepairDesk Enterprise is in line with this vision and is geared towards empowering repair stores with the right tools to increase customer retention and gain an edge over the competition.”

    The POS software for repair stores will have dedicated modules that will help repair businesses to manage and customize the new features per their preferences. The loyalty module will allow repair stores to send emails to their existing customers and invite them to join the loyalty program. It will also enable businesses to set loyalty points against their products and services along with the ability to assign bonus loyalty points to their customers when they sign up for the first time.

    “Our Loyalty Program makes it more rewarding for customers to come to repair stores and do repeat business since they will be able to use their earned loyalty to pay for stuff in the future. It further translates into more sales for businesses, since customers will keep returning to accumulate enough loyalty points to get stuff for free. To top it all off, our Loyalty Program is integrated into RepairDesk POS, which cancels the need to use any external software or system to run a loyalty program,” said Usman.

    Repair stores using RepairDesk’s Loyalty Program will be able to run reports on the loyalty points won and redeemed by the customers. The POS software for repair stores will also allow customers to view the loyalty points they have earned and redeemed from the Customer Portal. Timely email and SMS notifications will also be sent to repair stores and their concerned customers on the issuance and redemption of loyalty points.
    “Allowing customers to feel involved in a particular transaction and get timely notifications on the progress of a repair job is vital for delivering excellent customer experience. Repair stores must provide value to their customers to increase customer retention and this is precisely why we have added automated email/SMS notifications to our POS software,” said Usman.

    The Gift Card feature will allow repair stores to retain old customers and make new ones easily. Repair store owners will be able to generate customized gift cards from RepairDesk POS and assign the desired value to them.

    Speaking of the usability of the RepairDesk Gift Card feature, Usman said, “The gift card issued by RepairDesk POS will have an expiry date and will be transferable so anyone can use them before they are expired. It will provide value to the repair stores’ customers who purchase it for themselves since they can use it on a later date to conduct transactions, especially when they are out of cash. Best of all, gift cards can work across multiple stores, so if repair businesses have a customer who walks in with a gift card from one of their franchises, they’ll be able to process them right there without any hassles.”

    RepairDesk’s gift cards can be purchased just like any other item and will come complete with invoicing details and records. When a customer purchases a gift card, the POS software will automatically generate a code for them that they can redeem for a future purchase. This code will be printed out just like any repair ticket and can be used at a future checkout to pay for items or services.

    The Store Credits feature of RepairDesk is designed to help businesses handle refunds better. It will allow repair stores to issue store credits against refunds instead of cash. This new system will allow businesses to offer their customers a more compelling reason to do business with them in the future. RepairDesk’s store credits can be used just like money to pay for repair services and other products on sale in a store.
    “You can use the Store Credits feature to offer in-store credits to your customers whenever they come for a refund or when you use our Buyback module. Store credits will act as your repair store’s special currency. You can issue it to pay for the products you buy from your customers and also the devices you trade with them. These store credits can either be used right away or at a later date. It will give customers a reason to return to repair stores and conduct repeat business with them.”

    The Store Credits feature is exclusive to RepairDesk Enterprise and repair stores signed up with the Lite and Professional plans of RepairDesk can upgrade their plans to the Enterprise version if they like. All the new features are added to the Enterprise plan in order to help repair stores in boosting their customer retention and increasing repeat business with their existing customers.

    RepairDesk believes that its latest plan will allow repair stores in gaining an edge over the competition as it will enable them to make loyal customers. Features such as gift cards are expected to not only make loyal customers for repair stores but also increase their customer base as gift cards are transferable and can be used by the peers of customers. The company will also allow 10 users to repair stores signing up with RepairDesk Enterprise and is also offering its integrated payment solution that will come with a subsidized payment terminal and flat processing rates along with other benefits.

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