RADIUS5, an AI creative company, released the new AI [Enpainter], which can create paintings in Van Gogh, Monet, and Munch style

Top Quote RADIUS5 Inc. (Head Office: Shinjuku, Tokyo;CEO: Daisuke Urushihara; hereafter RADIUS5) has added a new AI [Enpainter] to the AI tool platform cre8tiveAI. Enpainter learns the styles of famous artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, Munch, and Gauguin, and it helps you to get images like new paintings by famous artists. End Quote
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    Background of Development
    RADIUS5 is a company that conducts research and development using Deep Learning technology. In February 2019, we launched cre8tiveAI, an AI platform that streamlines creative work. After that we released [Photo Refiner], an AI which can enhance resolution of images, and [SAI], an illustration generation AI. Currently, we are conducting research and development on more than 10 types of AI, and we are promoting the release of AI that can be used in scenes of creativities.

    Today's release of Enpainter is also an AI which was developed to improve creative production efficiency. When a designer designs, the width of the design varies depending on how much design material he/she has. Simply upload your own photos and convert them into famous artist-style paintings. You can use them to express new creative expressions.

    Characteristics of the Enpainter
    Learn the characteristics of 12 artists
    This is an AI that learned the style of 12 famous painters. Anyone can easily get a famous painter-like image by simply uploading their own photos. In addition, we will continue to study various artists and add them to the Enpainter.

    (1) Vincent van Gogh
    (2) Pablo Picasso
    (3) Edvard Munch
    (4) Jackson Pollock
    (5) Claude Monet
    (6) Nicolai Ryoryov
    (7) Paul Gauguin
    (8) Sesshū Tōyō
    (9) Paul Cézanne
    (10) BELT MORIZO
    (11) Wassily Kandinski
    (12) Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

    Available for commercial use because it can be output in large sizes
    It can be converted to a size greater than or equal to 2000px, so it can be converted to an image size that can be used commercially. It can be converted to a larger size regardless of the original image size. If 2000px is not enough, you can use Photo Refiner to increase the resolution to 8000px or more, which is 4 times larger than 2000px.
    In addition, the user's rights will not be transferred to another person, so you can use the converted data without any concern.

    Easy to use with just drag and drop
    All you have to do is upload an image and select a painter. You only need to wait about 30 seconds in a good communication environment to get pictures of famous artists.

    Enpainter Overview
    Enpainter is an AI service provided on AI platform cre8tiveAI. Simply upload your own photos and you can convert them into famous artists style.

    How to use
    Upload photos you want to convert to any painter style.

    Select your favorite artist from the 12 types, then the conversion will start.

    About 30 seconds, you will get the image of two different styles.

    Download and get the images.

    Usage fee
    You can convert the image for free. If you like the image, you can download it with a usage fee.
    In the case of a free monthly entry plan, you can download images converted to painter style on Enpainter for US $4.99 per page. If you are subscribed to a light plan or higher, you can use it for 10 credits each time, so in the case of the MEGA plan, you can download the images for US $0.8 each.

    Service site URL

    Use Case

    Use as a design material
    It can be converted from a single photo to various painter styles, so it can be converted into a wide variety of design materials. It can also be used for website and banner materials, pamphlet design, and leaflet creation. We would like you to try out when you want to change the taste of the photographic material.

    Purchase a new house or a new car; use it as a gift for weddings, etc.
    You might want to make your wedding welcome board look like Van Gogh or make your family album in various artist styles. Maybe you can convert commemorative photos of entrance ceremonies into Monet style and print them on canvas or acrylic board, and decorate your room.

    Use as a textile design
    You can create a variety of tasteful textiles from one type. It can be used as wallpaper or fabric, or converted images can be applied to new textile designs.

    Marketing application
    You can convert your photos into artist-like paintings, so you can organize user-participated marketing campaigns. For example, you can plan a Hokkaido travel campaign such as if participants upload a photo taken in Hokkaido, they can get the image converted into Van Gogh-style.

    Future developments
    Enpainter will make improvements to make it easier for companies and individuals to use by adding painters, developing APIs, turning them into applications, and responding to videos.

    With the vision of creating a world where people can be creative, RADIUS5 is developing services that enable people to focus on more creative work by replacing non-creative work with AI. We will continue to develop new AI related to creativity and add it to cre8tiveAI.

    Company Overview
    NAME  : RADIUS5 Inc.
    CEO   : Urushihara Daisuke
    LOCATION :〒160-0022 Tokyo-Shinjuku Shinjuku 7-26-7
    ESTABLISH : September 29, 2015
    CONTENT : Internet-related business, entertainment business, consulting business
    CAPITAL  : 10 million YEN
    URL     : https://radius5.co.jp/
    Name:RADIUS5 Inc.
    CEO: Urushihara Daisuke
    Email:info ( @ ) radius5 dot co.jp

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