RADIUS5, which provides creative AI, releases the illustration generation API [cre8tiveAI SAI] ~Now available on [Rakuten Rapid API] platform~

Top Quote RADIUS5 Inc. (Head Office: Shinjuku, Tokyo; CEO: Daisuke Urushihara; hereafter RADIUS5) has released the AI API [cre8tiveAI SAI], which can produce more than one million kinds of facial illustrations, through Rakuten Rapid API. By using cre8tiveAI SAI, anyone can incorporate the character generation function into their service. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) October 12, 2020 - Background of Development
    From September 2019, RADIUS5 has been providing AI "SAI", which generates facial illustrations, on the AI platform "cre8tive AI". AI was able to download and use one by one on cre8tiveAI, but it did not provide any API. We have received many requests from game development companies, SNS management companies, community management companies, and so on that we have developed an API this time.

    Features of [cre8tiveAI SAI API]
    Create original illustration that does not exist in the world

    [SAI] is an AI that uses Deep Learning to learn the characteristics of pictures. And until the AI actually does the same thing as a human designer, she needs to learn by looking at a lot of different illustrations and using the experience. For example, learn elements that can be a human: two eyes, one mouth, one eyebrow, and so on.
    [SAI] does not preserve data she learned. It is also not a combination of parts. [SAI] learns what an illustration is and as a result creates a new illustration. So that [SAI] can create that unique original illustration.

    Create an illustration at high speed
    Normally, if you create a single illustration, an illustrator who has experience over the years needs to spend hours to tens of hours. And when you create form orders from clients, it takes much longer to meet clients' needs or respond to feedback. Ask [SAI] to create an illustration and draw an illustration at a speed of 0.1 seconds per sheet, creating an illustration at high speed.
    Generate more than 1 million types of Illustrations

    You can create more than 1 million different types of Illustrations of different genres. Inot only the female and the male characters, you also can draw illustrations of various genres, such as oil painting style or an animated-style illustration.

    About cre8tiveAI SAI

    Delivery platform
    cre8tiveAI SAI publishes the API through Rakuten Rapid API, an API platform provided by Rakuten. Rakuten Rapid API is an API marketplace where developers can search and connect to APIs and manage usage. cre8tiveAI SAI also publishes endpoints and sample code, so anyone can add character generation to their service at any time and relatively easily.

    How to use
    Endpoints and sample code documents are available on the following pages:

    Payment plan
    Basic (generate up to 450 characters for free)
    US $0 / month
    30 request free / month
    1 request:Generate up to 15 sheets
    Rate Limit = 15 / min
    If free usage is exceeded, 1 request: US $0.05
    Pro(plan that includes up to 6,000 characters in monthly usage fee)
    US $9.9 / month
    400 request free / month
    1 request:Generate up to 15 sheets
    Rate Limit = 20 / min
    If 400 requests are exceeded, 1 request: US $0.03
    Ultra(plan that includes up to 75,000 characters per month)
    US $99.9 / month
    5,000 / Free to request
    1 request:Generate up to 15 sheets
    Rate Limit = 25 / min
    If 5000 requests are exceeded, 1 request:US $0.025
    Mega(plan to generate unlimited characters)
    US $999 / month
    Unrestricted use
    1 request:Generate up to 15 sheets
    Rate Limit = 30 / min
    [cre8tiveAI SAI] Service Site URL
    Use Case
    Game usage
    Many characters are required for game development. cre8tiveAI SAI allows you to save images within the service that uses the API, so you can use them as new characters or as characters that are discharged by gacha.
    Use on SNS, etc.
    If you use cre8tiveAI SAI, you will be able to provide your favorite illustrations in the user's profile image. Generally, even if you can prepare profile images, you can only have about 10 types. But with cre8tiveAI SAI, you can use the function of generating more than 1 million types to provide original face icons that are different from any other.
    Future developments
    RADIUS5 is conducting research and development of AI to provide not only facial illustrations but also upper body and whole body illustrations and 3D models. Regarding the AI that has been developed, we will also provide the API one after another according to the user's request.
    Additionally, we will replace non-creative work with AI under the vision of "creating a world where people can be creative", and develop services that enable people to engage in more creative work.
    We provide various AI related to creative work on a platform called [cre8tiveAI].
    Company Overview
    NAME  : RADIUS5 Inc.
    CEO   : Urushihara Daisuke
    LOCATION :〒160-0022 Tokyo-Shinjuku Shinjuku 7-26-7
    ESTABLISH : September 29, 2015
    CONTENT : Internet-related business, entertainment business, consulting business

    CAPITAL  : 10 million YEN
    URL     : https://radius5.co.jp/
    Name:RADIUS5 Inc.
    CEO: Urushihara Daisuke
    Email:info ( @ ) radius5 dot co.jp

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