New Literature: Crimson Dawn - Book One of the Darklife Saga by Ronnie Massey

Top Quote Copperhill Media announces the release of "Crimson Dawn, " the first installment of the Darklife Sage by Ronnie Massey. The book is now available on Amazon.Com,, Barnes & Noble, and any other good bookstore. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) June 15, 2011 - Author Ronnie Massey gives the reader a bloody good time through a unique combination of captivating story line and the female narrator's disrespectful tone. Violence, sensuality, tense conflict, and intense drama roll at full speed against the backdrop of North and South Carolina. "Crimson Dawn" manages to be almost everything to every fantasy fan, however, with a number of surprising twists and turns, a feat not easily pulled off.

    For more information, including a preview of the first chapter, see http://CrimsonDawn.CopperhillMedia.Com.

    About the Book:

    When vampire Valeria Trumaine comes home one morning to find her father waiting for her, she knows she's about to get trouble in spades. But she never imagined it would come in the form of her ex-fiancÚ. Now she must confront old demons and face new possibilities as she struggles to bring the rouge vampire to justice.

    After she left him, Valeria avoided Tristan like the plague, but now that he's gone rogue, she's going to have to utilize everything she has learned as a sentinel to find him. Finding Tristan proves to be more dangerous than anyone realized. He is changed in ways that go against nature, and has become more powerful than anyone ever imagined.

    Refusing to let her face the abomination that Tristan has become alone, Val's best friend and powerful Sidhe princess, Irulan joins the hunt. Valeria will find that Irulan's motives for keeping her safe aren't what she thinks. And soon she's faced with an undeniable attraction that makes her question everything she knew about herself.

    Can she accomplish her task and prevent more innocent lives from being destroyed? Can she do it and not loose herself to his madness? In the middle of all the madness, can she embrace the unexpected love that fate has thrown her way?


    "Crimson Dawn" by Ronnie Massey is not just another vampire novel. Yes, the story line includes the favorites of all young adults - plus those who stayed young-at-heart - such as vampires, werewolves, witches, and fairies, but they represent a framework that is seamlessly incorporated in a captivating story that is well worth to be characterized as extraordinary.

    Beginning with the very first page, the reader is drawn by a surprising combination of fluent writing style plus the narrator's - a young woman by the name of Valeria - disrespectful, if not snotty tone, a refreshing blend that raises "Crimson Dawn" from an initial four star rating to a well-deserved five stars.

    During the course of the story (which takes place between Charlotte, North Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina) the reader will come to realize that Valeria's attitude is not based on outright arrogance, but profound inner strength. After all, Valeria possesses some special skills, which qualify her to work as a Sentinel, the equivalent of a policewoman in the world of vampires, werewolves, witches, and fairies.

    All these skills might turn out insufficient in the hunt for her ex-fiancÚ Tristan who has gained supernatural powers in ways that were considered not possible, and he has become an unstoppable threat.

    Valeria receives the support of yet another young woman, Irulan, with whom she had been a roommate for several years and best friend even longer, and she knows and accepts Irulan's Lesbian lifestyle. The relationship between these two young women, in view of the dangerous task in front of them, makes for yet another intriguing aspect in the story line.

    Over all, "Crimson Dawn" was a refreshing and enjoyable read, and I am looking forward to the next installment of the Darklife Saga. - Wilfried F. Voss, Author of The Bleeding Hills.

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