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  • Wilfried Voss
  • 158 Logplain Rd. Greenfield, MA
  • Phone: 413-627-3422
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  • Copperhill Media Corporation is a growth-oriented publishing company. Our product offer includes fiction and nonfiction literature, publishing services, an Online bookstore, plus dedicated web sites for our authors.

    Copperhill Media Corporation was originally established as Copperhill Technologies Corporation in 1993. In 2007 Copperhill Technologies began the transition into a publishing company with focus on technical literature and the maintenance of a number of technologically oriented web sites. In 2009 we extended our offer to include fiction literature.
Copperhill Media Corporation Press Release -

  • Copperhill Media announces the release of "Boiled Peanuts - A Peeping Tom Goes Nuts Over A Blind Girl" by John Patrick Doyle
  • Paul Kirk is a librarian, one of his town's quirkier residents, and secretly, a bit of a Peeping Tom. He participates vicariously in his community, seeking acceptance - particularly from Bronwyn, the beautiful, blind young woman who inherited the house next door. While exploring Aunt Phyllis' secrets, their relation to Bronwyn and her past, they grow close, but Paul's peeping may ruin it all.
  • "Boiled Peanuts" is a perversely delightful novel, quirky and original. Not for the narrow-minded or easily shocked, but a refreshing change of pace f ...
  • July 08, 2011
  • New Literature: Crimson Dawn - Book One of the Darklife Saga by Ronnie Massey
  • Copperhill Media announces the release of "Crimson Dawn, " the first installment of the Darklife Sage by Ronnie Massey. The book is now available on Amazon.Com,, Barnes & Noble, and any other good bookstore.
  • Author Ronnie Massey gives the reader a bloody good time through a unique combination of captivating story line and the female narrator's disrespectfu ...
  • June 15, 2011