New Idea Publishers Announces Release Of New, Controversial Book

Top Quote New Idea Publishers Announces Release Of New, Controversial Book, "Peaceful Song Of The Panda Mom", Refutes Amy Chua's Arrogant, Barbaric "Tiger Mother" Book…Free Chapter Now Available. End Quote
  • Chicago, IL (1888PressRelease) June 03, 2011 - New Idea Publishers who publishes controversial and important books most publishers won't touch, has just released a brand new, jaw dropping book called, "The Peaceful Song of The Panda Mom", refuting the number one best selling book, "Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother" by Amy Chua.

    Ms. X took the Panda Mom identity because this topic and her opinions are so charged with emotions, so filled with controversy...she's not willing to reveal who she really is.

    Ms X asks: Do you really want to make your kids practice an instrument for 5 hours straight without dinner because you want them to "succeed" at any cost? Do you really want to be a merciless, overbearing "stage door mom" practically abusing your kids so they get straight "A"'s, and nothing but straight "A"'s? Do you want success for your kids so badly that you are willing to turn your house into a local version of a communist military dictatorship? Or...would you rather discover how to improve your parenting in the gentle but effective manner of the Panda Mom?

    "Peaceful Song Of The Panda Mom" gives you an alternative persona to stand up against Tiger Mother: the Panda Mom. Panda Mom represents everything Tiger Mother does not: nurturance balanced with firmness, positive reinforcement offset with effective limit-setting. Above all, Panda Mom believes that a parent's primary goal is to encourage children to develop independence and self-sufficiency they can carry into adulthood.
    Ms. X refutes Tiger Mother's principles one by one, chapter by chapter. The resulting book provides support for the American style of parenting, rooted in the values of our forefathers and backed up by solid research findings. Ms. X presents positive alternatives to the rigid Tiger Mother doctrine, including:
    · An open-minded definition of success;
    · Healthy support for education;
    · Fostering independence;
    · Reinforcing positive behavior;
    · Setting effective, reasonable limits and consequences;
    · Communication and relationship-building; and,
    · Imparting values.
    For American parents who were dumbstruck by Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Peaceful Song of the Panda Mom is a must-read. As Ms. X points out, Amy Chua may end up with apparent success stories for her daughters from an outsider's point of view...but would her daughters agree? How will the test of time work out for her children?
    Ms. X strongly disagrees with Amy Chua's dictatorial "Tiger Mom" methods...and shows you easy to understand ways to raise your children so they may also achieve success...but without the harsh, tough and militaristic methods Amy Chua espouses.
    New Idea Publishers is offering a FREE chapter of "The Peaceful Song of The Panda Mom" at: Readers can get the first chapter of the book free, with no catch or obligation.

    About Ms. X author of "The Peaceful Song of The Panda Mom:"

    Ms. X has a BA in English, and 27 years of research experience in behavioral and cognitive psychology. Ms. X is worried what might happen to her and her career if her "peers" discovered she's the author of this ground breaking new book. Ms X says: "People in this field are pretty stuffy, and don't like it when "one of their own" jumps out with shocking and startling opinions that run against conventional wisdom and traditional thought." Ms. X started writing her incredible refutation almost as soon as she was done reading Chua's "Tiger Mother" book. Ms. X had trouble finding a publisher to take on her book, and was very happy to cross paths with New Idea Publishers.

    About New Idea Publishers:

    New Idea Publishers, LLC in Yorkville, IL, is a very unusual publisher who releases controversial, important, and shocking books that need to be published, and can't afford to be censored. New Idea publishes eBooks by authors who have written eye-opening, jaw dropping topics that shake up the "status quo". Books that get many people fuming mad because of the topics written about, the blunt language, and uncensored information many people need to know, and many others find too disturbing. New Idea Publishers is a means of expression that allows points of view most publishers would consider "too hot to handle" to be released, through their author friendly, eBook publishing system.
    New Idea Publishers' mission is to allow the amazing yet shocking ideas written by authors who "rock the boat" reach the public, so they can be read by those who need and deserve to hear about these incredibly important subject matters they can't find anywhere else.

    New Idea is in the process of releasing several other books after "The Peaceful Song of The Panda Mom" that will shock the public, including titles such as: "Screw Him - Here's Why He REALLY Didn't Call You Back", "Screw Being Naïve - Here's What Your Kids Are REALLY Doing", and "Screw The Resume, Screw The Interview - Here's How To Succeed In Spite Of A College Education, And Create Your Own Job".

    New Idea Publishers are always looking to expand, and are in the hunt for new talent who have a knack for writing controversial or incredibly important books that are unlikely to see the light of day in the traditional publishing world. (The only types of books New Idea Publishers will not consider publishing are ones that are plagiarized, or contain illegal content, racism, homophobia, or advocate any type of violence.)

    New Idea Publishers allows amazing authors like Ms. X to get their works published, and turned into eBooks. (eBooks are books that you can instantly digitally download to your computer, smart phone, iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc…) eBooks are one of the few areas left in publishing that have the chance for tremendous growth. With all of the new and upcoming technologies, eBooks are where you need to be if you want a real shot at becoming a published author.

    According to many sources over the last year eBooks sales have more than doubled in the United States, along with stats that show the decline of printed texts. So, the easy answer is to get in on eBooks as soon as possible. Recent experience has shown that if you go with independents like New Idea Publishers, a great author like Ms X., who wrote the amazing "The Peaceful Song of The Panda Mom", now have a much greater chance of being heard. And guess what? They are!

    The more opinions and unique voices we can all hear on important, interesting and little discussed subject matter, allows us all to learn, discover, and become more informed about this amazing world around us.

    You can learn more about New Idea Publishers, LLC at:
    , or you can find them at their Facebook page:!/pages/New-Idea-Publishers-LLC/183429721706311

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