LOOK. LAND. EXPERIENCE. Lagos and the Western Algarve, Portugal during the course of 28 fun filled days

Top Quote Pre-launch of an advertising campaign showcasing why the Western Algarve in the South of Portugal is the place to be for holidays and for business meetings. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 12, 2012 - Lagos, Algarve, Portugal: Empowerment Gateway a leading sustainable travel and tourism consulting organisation, is launching today their first international people-centric travel advertising campaign promoting the Western Algarve.

    The campaign marks the start of a new era for Empowerment Gateway as it rolls out its 28 Days in Lagos and the Western Algarve marketing and branding strategy.

    28 Days in Lagos and the Western Algarve encompasses a series of transformational initiatives to deliver increasingly personalised travel information services and defines Empowerment Gateway's role as a trusted travel partner rather than simply a consulting organisation.

    Empowerment Gateway will bring to life this vision through a series of marketing initiatives that will be linked under the theme of 28 Days in Lagos and the Western Algarve.

    Empowerment Gateway has appointed the world-leading branding and communications agency VI Republica, a Luso-South African Advertising Agency based in Lisbon, as their marketing and advertising partners.

    VI Republica designed the campaign brand, and the slogan LOOK. LAND. EXPERIENCE. 28 Days in Lagos and the Western Algarve.

    The campaign will span print, online and social media.

    On the 29 February 2012 the first step in the campaign was taken with the creation of a Facebook group page. This page will be used to give sneak previews about the development of the campaign.

    Rather than replicating the industry's clichéd, one-size-fits-all approach to holiday advertising, Empowerment Gateway's focus in the 28 days in Lagos and Western Algarve Travel campaign will be people-centric rather than country focused.

    The Empowerment Gateway team took into account all the different types of personalities that makes the world such a diversified environment. The campaign showcases that in the Western Algarve there are experiences waiting to be had, which matches the likes and dislikes of each personality profile irrespective of their country of origin.

    Working behind the brand are people passionate about people, as well as being seasoned travellers. The aim of the first burst of communications is to highlight the diverse range of global travellers that exists in the world and the shared understanding that exists between people of all races, customs and creeds.

    While many other travel campaign's focus on beaches, sun and prices, the 28 days in Lagos and the Western Algarve Travel campaign focus on providing easily accessible information about the best possible holiday experiences to be had by each customer segment daily during the course of 28 days. Making each day a hub of unique opportunities to experience new activities.

    This campaign is the culmination of an extensive international consumer research study conducted over the span of 3 years and in 147 countries. The findings highlighted that travel customers are seeking reassurance about many factors and a greater level of personal engagement with travel destination service providers.
    We believe that the creation of this new service, that have consumer's interests in mind, is key to the future of travel. So this campaign aims to reduce the barriers by creating a more personal relationship with the people who will be making their holiday experience a truly great one, namely the local business and service sector owners, managers and employees.

    We want people to see that the Western Algarve in the South of Portugal is the place to be for their next trip. We will be offering travel consumers relevant and compelling solutions, because we are all passionate service providers, we understand the need to create balance between the needs of our own communities as well as the global travel community.

    28 Days in Lagos and the Western Algarve is not just a superficial advertising campaign, we are making a major commitment to delivering a more customer-centric approach through our websites.

    A key part of this campaign is the fact that we have taken cognisance of travellers changing needs. It is all about enabling travel consumers to shape and co-create the kind of travel services they want now and in the future.

    This campaign is the first major piece of work from VI Republica for Empowerment Gateway in Portugal, and is being overseen by their Executive Creative Directors, Terri Santos and Christopher Radcliff.

    Terri Santos stated "This is an exciting new campaign, which will further develop Empowerment Gateway's reputation in the travel sector. Our aim is to convey Empowerment Gateway's personality, character and values in an engaging, creative and innovative manner to an increasingly commoditised market."

    Extensive interaction using social media is planed for the duration of the campaign. The campaign starts officially on the 1 May and will run until the end of September 2012.

    For more information, please contact:
    laurinda.seabra ( @ ) empowerment-gateway dot com
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