Lock USB 1.0.2 Released - Perfect Security of USB Drives

Top Quote Lock USB is an improved USB security software like no other. Lock USB is fast, unique & reliable regarding the service it offers. It does not require any admin privileges to run and has the option of plug and play and relieves you from the fear of data loss. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) November 07, 2017 - The era of Technological Advancements:
    In the modern era, our lives are dependent upon the mercy of technology. Those people who think otherwise are far from the reality as no doubt; technology has promoted us to such levels of success that was far from reality or even being in the imagination. With the help of technology & along with some science, we humans have touched the moon, the stars, and are now on the verge of landing on another planet (might sound unrealistic, but the same thoughts were given for ‘landing on the moon’).
    Those who treasure technology consider being born in such an era an opportunity and feel blessed to have tasted such firepower. All the gadgets we use today like mobile phones, laptops, USB drives, etc. were once dreamed by people who no longer exist. For them, such gadgets might have been only a dream (far from reality) but not anymore, and the generations of the modern era are well aware of that.

    Other Side of the Story:
    But let’s not get carried away from the above mentioned statements as there are always two sides to a coin and the same can be said for the boom in technology. Therefore, as mentioned above, technology might have opened access to numerous opportunities, but the same opportunities are now available to those who constantly are in search of data leaks to participate in data loss. The common user is usually not even aware of the fact that it is being harmed or damaged from one or either sides through its respective gadgets. For example, web cameras in our laptops are easily hacked and can record your private videos (while you use the gadget) without your consent. Same goes for the use of USB drives where you might think ‘it’s just a small device, who would be able to harm you through it’ is where you’re wrong. The reality is that multiple viruses exist in pubic PCs and when we inject our devices to them, we get damaged resulting in data loss or the file gets corrupted or you simply lose the entire data on the USB drive.

    Hence, it doesn’t matter whether we have some private files or common files in USB drives as once we’re under attack; it’s quite hard to recover.

    Lock USB – All You Need:
    But we believe in ‘better safe than sorry.' Which means, multiple options in the market relieve you from such worries and take the entire burden of themselves? For instance, Lock USB!

    Lock USB is a USB security tool that provides improved encryption protection for your USB drives, flash drives, and other external drives. Lock USB is created by users themselves who once faced similar situations of data loss or data being at threat. Hence, it’s quite evident that such tool wouldn’t have any loopholes as it is created by the past sufferers. It comes with a price but offers a value far more than valuable than a couple of dollars.

    Product Link: http://www.lock-usb.net/

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