Local Kansas City Photographer Introduces New HDSLR Technology

Top Quote The synergy of technology and commerce finds a new expression among Kansas City Photographers in HDSLR technology. Todd Davidson Photography introduces new commercial services utilizing High-Definition Video Capture in a hand-held SLR Camera. End Quote
  • Kansas City, MO-KS (1888PressRelease) February 15, 2013 - The digital world of commerce, once defined by bulky monitors and cumbersome software, is now the main force behind the harmonizing of art and technology. The best businesses are the ones who excel in the field of interactive media and graceful information transfer. On the forefront of hand-held high-definition videography is the HDSLR. This SLR camera with HD Video Capture is new to Kansas City photographers and is changing the industry. Todd Davidson Photography is one of the first to bring it to the commercial industry.

    The symbiosis of art, technology, and business has no more expressive a field then Photography and Videography. A picture can say a thousand words and video ten thousand. For decades the Single-Lens Reflex, or SLR Camera has been the industry standard for photography. But in recent years the ability to capture video on the SLR has integrated photography and videography by adding motion to the beauty of professional still-camera work. The new technology is causing Kansas City photographers to experience a demand that Todd Davidson Photography is prepared to meet.

    "Video Capture was added to SLRs about five years ago," explains owner, Todd Davidson, "But there were issues that needed to be ironed out before it could be used professionally. Now Video Capture has been well integrated into what are called HDSLRs and they are taking the industry by storm. Kansas City photographers are just beginning to understand the gear. For me, composition, lenses, and lighting have been the essence of my profession, and, as a life-long musician, sound-recording is one of my passions. Now I can weave them together with an HDSLR and sound-gear to make creative videos."

    The evolving world of technology is as unpredictable as it is powerful for business. Unique media is the name of the game for most small and medium-sized companies in Kansas City. They require media-driven services from Kansas City photographers and videographers that will give them the extra edge. HDSLR cameras are changing the photography industry by combining the unique beauty of still cameras with the fluidity and impact of video.

    But Davidson says promos and commercials are only one aspect of commercial video. The face of a company is not the only information needing to be communicated. The need for in-house communication and company news has created a demand for short, simple videos that doesn't require a film crew.

    Davidson gives his two cents, "This is a youtube generation. We just don't scroll down the page to read a lengthy article. Short, sweet, informative video not only attracts attention but engages the audience effectively. A creative training video beats a memo or manual any day. Share-holders and customers will always enjoy a video news presentation from the CEO over a mere text report or website. But a film crew isn't usually in the budget. That's why this service is in high demand."

    Most small businesses and non-profit organizations didn't have the ability or budget to make professional videos in the past. Hiring a local photographer costs much less than a film crew and now one professional Kansas City photographer is able to produce the same results. The reason? HDSLR. And the ripple-effect is predicted to impact many industries. Creating unique and impressive video is more accessible and inexpensive than ever with this new technology.

    This combination of still and motion cameras may change the role of Kansas City photographers in the commercial industry forever. Time alone will tell. As for the year ahead, Davidson is primed and ready to roll. "We have some fun projects already lined up. I'm particularly excited about a few music videos we'll be shooting," he comments with a smile, "It's gonna be a fun year."

    Find out more about the new services at http://www.todddavidsonphoto.com

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