Law Of Realities Joins New Era Of Character Driven Comicbooks

Top Quote 2nd Star on the Write and Xtu Productions has launch their first project called Law of Realities: The Breaking on Nov 25, 2013 on the crowd funding platform Kickstarter to tell a character driven story with a digitally painted cinematic art style. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) November 29, 2013 - 2nd Star on the Write's has launched a new comic project called Law of Realities a fascinating, fantasy themed comic with a strong action and adventure feel. Written by Matthew Kuhn and Art by Preston Stone.

    The story is set in the near future where climate extremes as well as natural and manmade disasters have grown in intensity and frequency. Even though everyday life hadn't changed too much, scientists are sure the time of man is coming to an end if something drastic isn't down to help stabilize the earth.

    With Giant leaps in technology a discovery was soon made on how to alter the fabric of reality within energy bubbles. Seeking to make the world a better place they began work to generate a bubble to cover the earth and save us all.

    It became clear seconds after succeeding to generate their earth covering field that something has gone terribly wrong. Instead of forming a single bubble stabilizing the environment it exploded into thousands of smaller bubbles. These bubbles as they spread and covered the earth caused massive earthquakes. Buildings all over start to crumble and some are swallowed whole by giant rifts torn open by the quakes.

    "It was the end of the world." Everybody including Calvin and Skyla is sure that is what they are witnessing. As they watch the world as they know it crumble and disappear things they soon witness new life spring forth at explosive speeds. Most impressive are the new trees that go from sprout to hundreds feet tall and dozens wide in minutes.

    The human ability to bounce back from a blow and adapt to change stands out here. The life as we know it is gone, it becomes a struggle to find food and shelter. Everyone including Calvin who was a loner before the event is now vital to the survival in this new world.

    The art is another key difference to L.o.R. from other comics. It is digitally painted for a cinematic feel, drawing the reader further into the story, sometimes literally. Because it is based in the near future the artist and writer wanted to allow people to put themselves in the environment and have fun role-playing in a sense what they would do if this happened. Right from the first book they plan to draw in the likeness of people who want to be a part of the story.

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