Kids Prepare to Prevent Robot Armageddon

Top Quote Plutonian Films releases new textbook, 'Nanobots for Dinner', to teach kids to save the future by preparing for the Technological Singularity. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) May 05, 2016 - Los Angeles, CA - The chance that humanity will be destroyed in the future by a powerful artificial intelligence, or a bloodthirsty autonomous robot army, decreased today. Thanks to the new textbook 'Nanobots for Dinner: Preparing for the Technological Singularity', which is now available for schools to include as standard material in science classes.

    "I'm glad to see that people are eager to learn more about this important topic. The best way to prevent the Technological Singularity from becoming a disaster is by teaching kids about it now. Scientific literacy needs to be a top priority in schools, and this book makes it an easy entry point for teachers and students." Said David Filmore, the author, when asked why he created his latest book.

    The Technological Singularity is the hypothetical event scientists believe will occur when an artificially intelligent machine becomes smart enough to build ever more powerful versions of itself. If such a device concluded that people were a threat to its existence, it could decide to defend itself, which might spell the end of humanity.

    "Don't panic. We don't need to seal ourselves inside underground bunkers because Skynet is sending Terminators to kill us." Filmore clarified, when questioned on the potentially serious nature of the book's subject matter. "Fear has never solved any problem. The best way to tackle these challenges is through knowledge and a deep understanding of the issues. The Singularity is an enormous opportunity, and the best way to make the most of it is by getting kids into science. The first step to doing that is by making science fun."

    The vibrantly-colored picture book is fun indeed. Filmore notes it was carefully designed to appeal to kids and adults of all ages. "My goal was for Comic-Con to be the teacher. There are sci-fi jokes and references to Star Wars, superheroes, and Klingons hiding on every page. And the rhyming poetry is an homage to Dr. Seuss. Kids learn without even realizing it."

    "It's my favorite book right after Harry Potter and Hunger Games." Said 12-year-old Gemma, dressed as the character Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens at Los Angeles' recent WonderCon. "I love its optimistic message and how hopeful it makes me feel. I think everyone should read it." She added, clutching her freshly-autographed copy.

    With claims that Earth will become a hi-tech utopian society free from crime and suffering, the book's message certainly is optimistic. But Filmore insists that it isn't science fiction. "This is what makes The Singularity so exciting! Every prediction in my book is heavily grounded in accepted science, and based on existing biological processes. Early examples of these technologies are already available today. With the advent of powerful AI, gene therapy, and nanorobotics we will see a complete transformation of life as we know it. Within the next 20 years or so, poverty, disease, and even death, will all become nonexistent."

    Even though the benefits and promise of The Singularity look more likely each day, Filmore cautions that there's a long way to go. "This isn't going to come easy. We need to fight for this, and it all starts with education. Every kid wishes that R2-D2 could be their science teacher, and now with this book he will be." But the author adds that it is incumbent on everyone to join the discussion, "The Singularity is something we should all embrace, and do everything we can to make happen as soon as possible. We'll get to that golden future soon, but only if we all do our homework first."

    And read a book or two.

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