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  • Terry Koch
  • Phone: 1 (480) 951 6577
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  • The Kearny Alliance is nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization that supports innovative business education and training, applied research and other initiatives to promote international trade. While the foundation’s activities have global impact, its geographic focus is Asia.

    The results of the Alliance’s efforts are the creation of lasting jobs, increased efficiencies in business and greater cross-cultural understanding. The Kearny Alliance accomplishes it mission through: International trade and commerce; Skills-based development and training; Global marketing and management; Information technology, and; Cultural exchange.

    Key programs of the Kearny Alliance ( include the Export Service Centre ( with offices in Denpasar, Indonesia. The Centre assists low-income producers throughout Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos to sell products to buyers worldwide. Imports of Bali ( is the nonprofit retail arm of the Kearny Alliance. The Imports of Bali retail store in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers a direct sales outlet for small-scale producers in developing countries.
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