Vietnam's basketware suppliers anticipate 10% export growth in 2011, majority to keep quotes unchanged

Top Quote Vietnam Sourcing Report: Basketware offers buyers quality suppliers of eco-friendly and plastic storage and laundry baskets, supplier market insights, trends & forecasts. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) April 01, 2011 - HO CHI MINH CITY - Vietnam suppliers of basketware are confident about their competitiveness, projecting 10% export growth in 2011, which they attribute largely to the abundant domestic supply of raw materials. This is according to the Vietnam Sourcing Report: Basketware.

    The Report offers in-depth profiles of 36 verified export suppliers, supplier market analysis, prices forecasts and more than 130 top-selling products ranging from storage and laundry baskets to dishes and serving trays, plus full descriptions, prices and packaging details.

    Featured products are made of one type or a combination of materials including water-hyacinth, sea-grass, pandan leaf, banana leaf, bamboo, rattan or synthetic rattan and plastic.

    The non-profit Kearny Alliance produced the report with the support of Global Sources. "Vietnam's handicraft industry enjoys several competitive advantages, among which are craftsmanship and the abundance of rattan, bamboo and water hyacinth used for woven baskets," said Khiem Vu, program manager of the Kearny Alliance's Developing Country Export Assistance Program, which aims to assist SME manufacturers to increase their export sales.

    "Easy access to natural rattan and bamboo from the suppliers' local plantations enables them to lessen their dependence on imported components, thus stabilizing their export quotes."

    Survey results show supplier's R&D capability, current trend and target markets
    "Vietnam's basketware makers offer new releases made of a mix of eco-friendly materials," Vu said. "To illustrate, some laundry baskets are made of woven water hyacinth and sea-grass or bamboo with wooden frames.

    "Our report survey shows that nearly 50 percent of featured suppliers will focus on R&D and produce items with more intricate and decorative elements."

    Other high-level results in the Report show:
    * 60 percent of producers will hold export quotes;
    * 80 percent of the interviewed suppliers planning to increase quotes will keep them to within 5 percent;
    * 65 percent plan to target the EU market, and;
    * Quotes ranges from about $0.10 for a simple bamboo basket up to $10 for intricate woven designs.

    Total capacity of the interviewed suppliers is 1.7 million pieces per month, of which exports account for nearly 75 percent. Makers employ more than 5,200 workers.

    One of the export manufacturers featured in the Report, Le Mai Khanh, marketing manager of Vinh Dat Fine Arts, said: "We have released many types of woven baskets like laundry baskets, storage baskets or trunks that adopt the combination of sea-grass, water hyacinth, wood and bamboo.

    "Given that buyers are interested in such styles, those products will be our strategic products through 2011."

    More sourcing opportunities for global buyers, more jobs created
    "Our Sourcing Reports are important components of the Kearny Alliances' Export Assistance Program," said Alexander Boome, Program director of the Kearny Alliance. "The aim of the program is to assist small- to mid-sized export manufacturers in Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines to tap new export markets. As a result, suppliers can create jobs for more people.

    "We can only succeed in our mission if we give buyers information on quality suppliers who understand their requirements. The suppliers we feature in Developing Country Sourcing Reports have rich export experience and are eager to work with new overseas buyers."

    Sourcing Reports for Vietnam, India, Cambodia, the Philippines and Indonesia
    The Vietnam Sourcing Report: Basketware is one of a series of Developing Country Sourcing Reports.

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    The next Sourcing Report to be published will be Philippines Sourcing Report: Christmas Decorations.

    About The Kearny Alliance
    The Kearny Alliance, a US nonprofit 501 (c) (3) foundation, partners with other international organizations to further its mission of 'Aid through Trade', to advance international development and poverty alleviation through trade-related business, education, training and applied research.

    Key programmatic areas include:
    * Livelihood development at the grassroots level: Through the social enterprise Export Service Centre in Indonesia and Cambodia, the Kearny Alliance assists small producers who do not have the capacity to export direct to participate in the global economy. It estimates that in 2009 it created more than 3,800 jobs.

    * Job creation for small & medium producers: Through the Developing Country Export Assistance Program (, the Kearny Alliance connects smaller exporters in developing Asia with buyers worldwide. Surveys of beneficiaries show that suppliers have received $772,000 in export orders, and they expect more than $5,500,000 to develop in the next 12 months.

    * Education & skills development: The Kearny Alliance offers stipend support for students from Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and mainland China to study in Hong Kong and the US. The dozens of Kearny Alliance Scholars receive internships and on-the-job training in export-related companies and organizations in 10 countries.

    * Trade policy research: One major initiative is The Future of US China Trade .Com, an online center for data, analysis, and insightful discussion on U.S. - China trade offering Forum Discussions, News & Analysis, Facts & Figures, Discussion Outcomes, Book reviews and Meet the Experts. This was developed from The Kearny Alliance - Arizona State University forums on China, trade and the world economic order high-level series of interlinked meetings - held in Phoenix and Beijing which explored potential solutions to issues and challenges of mutual benefit to China-US trade relations.

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