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  • (1888PressRelease) September 04, 2010 - Gallop Communications LLC - "Success" we believe is a compelling driving force and not an elusive dream! History provides us with countless examples of individuals and organizations who have tasted success with their unique styles, in their specialized area of expertise! Success to our clients means everything to us because we become inseparable! We believe in making every little drop of confidence that our clients place on us count. We are a team of self motivated & achievement driven individuals. Amongst our midst are talented designers, art directors and copy writers who with the guidance of an exceptional creative director, artistically give shape to our client's communication goals and objectives.

    Our client management team is propelled by a dynamic leader and is intelligent, aggressive and hawk eye focused towards understanding client requirements, fine tuning them and making them into memorable, result oriented campaigns. Come lets Simplify, Understand, Create, Care, Endeavour, Synergize, Succeed and make each communication campaign a SUCCESS! After all, the whole world revolves and yearns for it!

    Gallop's approach to marketing communication

    We passionately work towards making sure your products and services grab the required attention of your target market. Set their mind in motion tantalizing their thought process! Make them feel the rush! Waking up dormant needs and guiding them towards conscious decision making. You will find us go about this with fresh and breezy enthusiasm, calculative caution and the perfectly focused, millimeter accurate balance of a tightrope walker.

    The collective skills and experience of our team translates into:

    * Realistic, result oriented, working communication solutions
    * Seeds of thought that bring in footfall and fanfare
    * Creatives that connect and establish top of the mind recall
    * Awareness creating programme implementation of products and services
    * Unique and effective use of new media tools for advertising

    Advertising Solutions - messages that mean business!

    We believe in designing communication solutions that sustain businesses. We believe in simplifying messages and reaching the right people at the right time, with the perfect message. Whether your reason to advertise is creating awareness, boosting sales, building brand loyalty, launching a new product, supporting the sales team effort or changing customer perceptions, the Gallop team is geared and ready!

    The right tailor-made mix of ATL and BTL solutions are of absolute importance for any communication message to reach its target audience. Our client management team analyzes your requirements based on a sit down and once we understand your products and services, target market, geographic coverage etcetera, team Gallop gets to work!!

    Dubai and the other Emirates in the UAE have their own set of communication challenges, being in the dynamic business hub of the Middle East. Constantly having an ear to the ground helps team Gallop fine tune campaigns in accordance with even the slightest variations in the business environment, maximizing mileage and hitting the bull's eye with every communication effort.

    Our ATL (Above the Line) service provision includes planning media strategies and choosing local and regional media channels such as TV/radio stations, newspapers, online media and strategically located outdoor media.

    BTL (Below the Line) services help our clients to efficiently and effectively reach their target audiences on a more personal note. From brand development and awareness to brochures, exhibitions, direct mailers and POS materials, (Point of Sale) we have it all covered!

    The Brand!

    The brand becomes to the organization what the face becomes to a human. Uniqueness becomes the name of the game and is the secret to instant recognition. The brand is a promise, expectation and an ultimate experience! Once the brand is chiseled into the minds of consumers, loyalty, word of mouth and top of the mind recall promptly follow!

    Web Solutions - to tastefully decorate your home page!

    The Gallop website design and development team helps organizations implement optimized website strategies in today's digitally driven global economy. We place a premium on outstanding aesthetics and leading edge technology to create a powerful web presence for our clients through website design and website development. The Gallop team has a proven track record in delivering swift loading websites with a friendly navigation structure that engages the visitor's attention with ease. Our Internet marketing services are devised specifically such that you gain a good return of your investment (ROI). What we do is not just invest your money, but we keep a watch at the progress and the changing trends of the market, your competition and campaign analysis to name a few.

    Social Media being the new generation marketing tool has created a huge stir and many a million are hopping on the bandwagon. Correctly formulated and subtly delivered, this cost effective medium we believe can do wonders as a supporting act to mainstream advertising activity. Our efforts are focused in combining the best of design, technology and content to achieve a perfect website. This is accomplished by offering a complete range of website designing and website development services both of which are clearly mandated to meet and exceed your company's specific requirements as you continue to leverage the power of the Internet to expand and enhance your corporate goals.

    We work on achieving uniqueness in every website we work on to distinctly differentiate and make a stand out every time for our clients in terms of their competition. Innovation is yet another constant we use to help maximize recall - critical factors in today's brief attention spans. With over twelve years of advertising and marketing experience in Dubai and around the region, the website design division of the company is able to provide the right web design solutions as well as a complete suite of corporate communication services.

    Gallop offers customized, scalable and modular website designing services that are known for their creative approach and flexibility. The websites we have developed for our clients are innovative, user-friendly and reflect an original approach to web design.

    Our bouquet of services includes:

    * Free Initial website audit and analysis
    * Websites for all industries, services, products and professional specialties
    * Design and development of websites, e-commerce websites and database driven websites
    * Website hosting, updation, maintenance and management
    * Online advertising and search engine optimization (SEO/SEM)
    * Newsletter design and publishing
    * Email marketing
    * e-book design and publishing
    * Custom blog creation and maintenance
    * Interactive applications
    * Flash presentations

    Marketing Solutions - to take the market by storm!
    Marketing Strategy, Product Launch & Relaunch and Media Planning

    Mindful of key elements such as product/service offering, target market, location, geographic coverage, competition and other marketing mix elements, team Gallop sources market intelligence and helps you plan out a realistic, workable strategy.

    We believe that unveiling a product/service is like providing a new born child the first glimpse of the world. It is a tender moment. We believe that the right emotions kindled will take us down the road that leads to the customer's heart! Successful product launches are always the ones well planned and executed, just like the product itself was from its gestation and infancy at R&D to the date and time of launch.

    At Gallop we have something that we refer to within the team as the 'Airbus A380'! It simply indicates inappropriateness in terms of choice - you do not need an A380 to reach Abu Dhabi from Dubai! Quite similar remains the case many a time with the choice of media used to reach target audiences. We believe in getting the highest mileage with your ad spend and that media planning requires skillful analysis. Be it newspapers, television channels, magazines, outdoors, malls, in-store displays or online advertising, we help you choose the most effective communication medium that connects to the heart of your target audience.

    Direct mails are a very convenient pathway to inform possible buyers of attractive offers and also persuade immediate action. Catalogues, leaflets, flyers and other product literatures with call to action messages and also sales letters that include brochures can be tailor made to suit organizational requirements and budgets.

    POS materials are a crowd favourite. A pleasing poster or a witty dangler has always been an eye catcher. These impactful little lovables go to the extent of guiding a consumer to make an impulse purchase whilst walking through a super market aisle and provide brand visibility and information. Some extremely popular options are Streamers, Posters, Danglers, Shelf Talkers, Dispensers, floor graphics and Wobblers.


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