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  • Atlanta, GA (1888PressRelease) August 23, 2013 - Freshana Organic Solutions, LLC Freshana Organic Solutions has launched its new state of the art web site,, to make it even easier for customers and businesses to purchase the finest organic cleaning products on the planet. So organic that you could even safely drink the products themselves. We use a patented microencapsulation process that took 10 years to develop and speeds up nature's natural process a 1000-fold.

    David Elmore, Freshana Organic Solutions' CEO has stated, "For the past three years, we have been working closely with businesses in providing them with these amazing products to ensure they have a completely chemical free cleaning solution for their business, employees, customers and clients. The feedback we got was tremendous to the point that their own customers and families were asking how they can get the products themselves. They now have a way to do that securely and safely."

    Our patented microencapsulation process provides environmentally safe surroundings for your loved ones, pets, customers, and employees faster and safer than any chemical or enzyme-based products on the market. ZERO chemicals or artificial derivatives. Though the USDA and other government entities allow companies to call their products "organic" if they have only 95% organic content and 5% chemicals. "Freshana does not accept that designation as being safe for consumers." said David Elmore. "Freshana is 100% ALL natural, ALL the time, in ALL circumstances giving you 100% peace of mind."

    Our full line of revolutionary products has all your residential and commercial cleaning needs covered. How many products can you count on one hand that completely get rid of grime and all odors in your house, your car, your garage, your driveway, your kitchen sink, your shoes, your gym bag, your smelly bathroom, or on your pets - AND clean your laundry and all surfaces, including tiles, mirrors, windows, bathtubs, toilets, sinks and more … and finally, dissolve and destroy bad stuff inside the car or on the car engine or anywhere else … and then if you happen to get some in your eyes or your mouth, you will simply get cleaner eyes and fresher breath?

    We think your answer is "zero" and you may be saying, "That's impossible for one line of products to do." But wait. Let's take everything we just said and go one step further. How about if we then ask, "How many products can do all of the above and are also totally organic (100% natural) and completely harmless to children, adults and pets"? If there were such a thing as "less than zero" in this regard, that would be your new answer. Until Freshana came along! The Freshana line of products are revolutionizing industries: hotel, manufacturing, and, soon, the oil industry - and you can have all three industries right in your own home or small business - and you can have it all in one pleasing bottle and one colorful aerosol can.

    You think there may be an odor or mess too strong for Freshana? It eliminates the worst of the worst: fish, urine, feces, bodies, pets, ammonia, food, cigarette and cigar smoke - you name it! Freshana can turn a smelly or messy room or house into a place that is as fresh as the great outdoors in seconds - AND do it organically.

    Our organic cleaners don't "mask" odors like harsh or "scented" products on store shelves. They actually get rid of messes and odors and leave you with an odor-free, toxic-free environment. Saving you time and money. Freshana® is the ONLY patented, all-natural, food-grade, 100% organic, complete remediator in the world! Freshana is totally Green, made from nine plants from around the world. No need to put Freshana in locked cabinets. All nine ingredients in Freshana are what's known in the scientific community as "food grade." They are as safe as regular foods for you and your family. And they are safe for cloth and furniture, including drapes, carpets, sheets and clothes.

    About Freshana Organic Solutions, LLC.
Freshana Organic Solutions was established in April 2011 by world-renowned chemist Dr. Robert Bayless. Our goal is to make the world a safer, cleaner place. At Freshana Organic Solutions, we aim to change the way people look at "organic." No longer do you have to give up quality for safe cleaning. In other words, our Air Purifier & Cleaning Products work as well or BETTER than poison products - and they are totally organic and safe. Other major manufacturers of "odor eliminators" design products that don't actually "eliminate"; they simply "mask" odors, propagating the environment with harsh chemicals and a strong "replacement" scent that is intended to only "disguise" the hydrocarbon odor. By only masking, these products infuse the environment with chemicals that can be harmful to people and pets or instigate a very strong allergic reaction.

    Freshana products were designed specifically to correct this wrong, by using an ingenious and complex blend of natural ingredients and a state of the art microencapsulation process in a patented formula to eliminate the hydrocarbon odors naturally and almost instantly.

    For Questions or Inquiries, please contact:
    David Elmore
    david.elmore ( @ ) FreshanaOrganic dot com

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