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  • Danny Garfield
  • URL: http://www.puuba.com
  • uuba, Inc is an independently owned and operated video game company started by Danny Garfield (owner), currently producing its first game, Concursion, for PC and Mac.
    Danny is a Java programmer and architect with vast experience in producing Blu-ray and HD-DVD frameworks and consumer discs for home entertainment releases for major Hollywood motion picture studios.
    The small dedicated team that comprises Puuba, Inc is hard at work coding, building levels, and managing hundreds of art assets in order to complete their first game on time and under budget.
Puuba Games Press Release -


  • Concursion - A new Retro Gaming Fusion Mashup - For PC/Mac
  • Just announced for PC and Mac, Concursion is a dynamic 2D action game blending together five classic genres into one seamless gameplay experience.
  • Puuba Inc announced this week its first in-production video game effort, Concursion. Concursion is a single 2D action game seamlessly fusing together ...
  • August 23, 2013