Frenchiepuppies volunteers with the french bulldog rescue

Top Quote Frenchiepuppies has volunteered with the french bulldog rescue to help rescue french bulldogs from auctions. Frenchiepuppies has helped to negotiate the surrender of several french bulldogs from local breeders. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 07, 2011 - Frenchiepuppies helps to re-home french bulldogs. Frenchiepuppies donates time, money, food and shelter and pays for veterinarian care for the rescued french bulldogs.

    Frenchiepuppies wants to thank everyone who adopted a french bulldog puppy in 2010. Frenchiepuppies is classified as one of the best kennels to adopt a french bulldog from. The quality is top of the line and the they strive to meet and exceed the breed standard set by the American Kennel club. You can be assured that every french bulldog puppy raised by frenchiepuppies is a planned and carefully thought out litter.

    Frenchiepuppies had a very successful year in 2010, in that they became volunteers for a new french bulldog rescue. The staff at frenchiepuppies works and volunteers with the staff at the french bulldog rescue organization. It has always been said that a successful breeder who truly loves the french bulldog will always volunteer at a rescue. Not only does frenchiepuppies volunteer time but they also donate dog food, medication and help pay for veterinarian visits and health care for the rescued french bulldogs. Frenchiepuppies' staff even fosters many of the rescue french bulldogs.

    Frenchiepuppies has a deep love for the french bulldog breed and will do everything they can to help rescue french bulldogs. Recently frenchiepuppies went to a dog auction to rescue the french bulldogs that were taken there to be discarded. Wow!! what an eye opener. That is a sad, sad thing to go through. Frenchiepuppies was able to rescue 10 french bulldogs from this auction. They had the desire to rescue more but was limited by finances. Upon arrival to the rescue facility, frenchiepuppies volunteered to cover the cost of vet care for all of the 10 french bulldogs rescued at the auction. This included a total veterinarian exam, dental cleaning, all up to date shots (including rabies). Frenchiepuppies also volunteered to pay for the cost of the veterinarian spay and neuter for each of the rescued frenchies.

    Frenchiepuppies is finding that being in the heart of the Midwest, Missouri, that there are several french bulldog breeders located in the area. This being said, breeders are more than willing to surrender their french bulldogs to a local rescue. Frenchiepuppies staff works with the volunteers at the rescue to find breeders ready to surrender their french bulldogs. Some of the french bulldogs that are rescued are because breeders surrender french bulldogs that are older and not able to have puppies any more and some are young dogs or puppies that the breeders were unsuccessful at finding a home for when they were just weaned. Many of the french bulldogs come from breeders that have chosen to no longer raise french bulldogs and want them to be placed in new adoptive forever homes. Frenchiepuppies works with the rescue organization to negotiate the surrender of the frenchies to be rescued from the breeders.

    In the first month of volunteering with the rescue organization, frenchiepuppies helped rescue more than 20 french bulldogs from breeders in the state of Missouri. The french bulldogs rescued were of all ages, from 4 month's old to 7 years old. What an awesome experience.

    Frenchiepuppies says that they wished they had started to volunteer with the rescue of french bulldogs many years earlier. There is a very big reward in knowing that frenchiepuppies is making a difference in the lives of so many discarded french bulldog lives. Frenchiepuppies sees so many french bulldogs adopted into forever loving homes and just feels so proud to be a big part of the homecoming of so many french bulldogs.

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