Flava Shots signs exclusive deal with Pyramyd Air to sell and distribute edible, flavored hunting pellets

Top Quote Edible pellets infused with herbs and savory spices suitable for cooking small game such as squirrels, rabbits and fowl will be available soon. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) April 01, 2013 - Flava Shots, a revolutionary new edible hunting pellet, has signed an exclusive worldwide distribution and retail agreement with Pyramyd Air, the world's largest internet airgun dealer.

    Because airgun pellets are quite small, they're harder to find in dispatched game. Since the pellets sometimes can't be located in the meat, some hunters discard the meat for fear the lead will be ingested during the meal. That's where Flava Shots comes in.

    Chef de Cuisine Antonio Bologna of the world-knowned Aria Diabolo Pallina game restaurant has created an edible pellet. It takes advantage of a new compression technology that creates a dense pellet that will not fall apart or crumble during loading and shooting. It's so rock hard that it has the same penetration effect as a lead pellet. The Flava Shot pellet dispatches the game and later infuses it with savory herbs and spices during the cooking process.

    "I love to hunt with airguns," said Chef Bologna in a recent TV interview. "But I really dislike serving game to my customers if they have to spit out a pellet from the rabbit I've spent hours cooking. One of my customers said an edible pellet would solve that problem. He was joking, but it made me think about the possibilities. It took over a year to perfect Flava Shots."

    Chef Bologna offers another tip for airgun hunters: Lube your barrels with food oils. This reduces friction, delivers a small boost to velocity and brings a delicious flavor to cooked meat. His favorite oil is macadamia nut, but he's also experimented successfully with plain and roasted sesame oils.

    Pellets in a variety of calibers and weights will be available, but only .177 caliber has been shipped so far. Chef Bologna already has production started for .20, .22, .25, 9mm/.357, .45 and .50 pellet sizes. Each pellet size has a recommendation for the type of game it can take. The next Flava Shots sizes to be shipped are .22, .25 and .50 caliber. Each Flava Shots container includes one of Chef Bologna's game recipes.

    Many states have tried to limit lead in certain hunting areas due to dangers posed to scavengers and endangered species. These states are now hailing Chef Bologna as a hero, honoring him with special banquets and festivals. Many hunting organizations, including the World Hunting Organization (WHO) and Muzzle Energy (ME), have taken him on hunting safaris.

    A publisher recently approached Chef Bologna to write both an autobiography and a Flava Shots cookbook. While the latter is temporarily on hold, the autobiography is already under way. Working title for the book is "I Cook to Eat." It'll be published under the name Chef Tony Baloney, as he Americanized his name to increase sales in the U.S.

    It's been a whirlwind ride over the past few years, but Chef Bologna is grateful for the experience. Since he started using Flava Shots for his game hunts, he no longer puts pellet spittoons on his dining tables.

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